Is laser whitening safe?

The causes that affect the discoloration of the tooth surface are usually divided into two main types: external and internal factors. Most often, the staining of the upper surface of the teeth occurs due to the fault of external factors: the products that we eat, tea and coffee, as well as insufficient hygiene of the dental cavity lead to the formation of plaque.

Agree to the procedure only after consulting a specialist.

Such formations, over time, lead to a change in color, it is impossible, of course, to discard the age factor, because over the years, unfortunately, the state of the teeth is only getting worse.

Internal causes lie much deeper, they are usually associated with substances that penetrate deep into the dental tissue, not lingering on the surface, as in the previous case. Such darkening of the teeth can be caused by taking certain medications, for example, from the group of tetracycline.

The reasons that can affect the change in color of the tooth surface can be quite diverse: for example, in peoplewho live in areas with drinking water, saturated with fluoride, over time, the tooth surface is covered with yellowish or brownish spots.

Whatever it was, and whatever factors did not affect the appearance of our teeth, I really want, regardless of anything, to have a shining “Hollywood” smile, because, as you know, she incredibly paints any person!

But, unfortunately, to achieve this effect at home is quite difficult. Pastes that promise an incredible effect, cope only half, and most of the popular methods that can be found on the Internet, are also not always effective.

Everyone dreams of a snow-white smile

And the whole point is that such methods, basically, cope with the consequences of external factors, eliminating the stains of tooth enamel.

To get rid of internal problems, such methods may not be enough, because in such cases it is necessary to act deeply under the enamel. Laser teeth whitening not so long ago appeared in the lists of dental services, but has already acquired its constant circle of customers, which is constantly expanding.

Naturally, as with everything new, it is difficult to trust this service instantly, because there are a lot of questions. To satisfy your curiosity, we decided to talk about what laser teeth whitening is, how it happens, and what consequences it can have for the body.

What is the main essence of the procedure?

Like any branch of medicine, dentistry does not stand still, constantly updating methods of treatment and renewal of teeth. Laser whitening is a novelty, but in spite of this, it has managed to earn a large number of both positive and negative reviews.

Here is the procedure

But, whatever one may say, there are indeed more positive ones, and the real effect, which is achieved literally from the first procedure, can hit everyone: in one session of such a procedure, it is possible to whiten the surface of the tooth enamel by as much as 3-4 tones!

A tremendous effect, is not it? Progressive technologies that are successfully used with this method of bleaching, can achieve not only very fast, but very long-term effect, which is also important.

The whitening procedure itself is based on the results of chemical reactions, which are activated by the interaction of a special helium composition and a laser beam,which is sent to him.

The helium composition is applied to the tooth enamel during the procedure, while the laser is moving along it, it penetrates deep under the enamel, reaching the dentin. There, it destroys the pigments that affect the color change.

Under the influence of a laser, a large amount of atomic oxygen is released, which whitens the tooth enamel. In order not to harm the delicate areas of the gums, this part of the oral cavity is carefully closed with special pads that protect it from the effects of a laser.

How does the laser bleaching procedure work?

A prerequisite that must be observed when carrying out such a procedure is the cleaning of the dental surface from tartar, the treatment of existing caries and other dental problems.

This is necessary so that an additional irritant in the form of a specific gel or laser will not damage the already weakened state of the teeth.

The result you will like

After the jaw is fully prepared for bleaching, the teeth are coated with a special solution or gel, which consists of a mixture of minerals, fluoride and hydrogen peroxide.

In fact, the procedure itself is quite simple and fleeting: to process the entire oral cavity with a laser, you only need 15-20 minutes of time! After the teeth have been exposed to the laser, they need to be treated with fluoride, which will take a little more time.

Indications, contraindications and price of laser bleaching

The list of indications for the use of such a procedure is small: the darkening of the tooth enamel and the desire to bring their teeth into a snow-white look.

The list of contraindications is slightly longer than the previous one: laser whitening should not be performed during pregnancy and lactation, as well as in the presence of gum disease, for example, with periodontitis.

In addition, you should abandon such a procedure if you have in the oral cavity extended parts of teeth, braces, as well as a large number of filled teeth (each case should be considered separately). Also, this procedure may not be suitable for those people who have an individual intolerance to the components of the whitening gel.

A large number of questions that this procedure raises are associated with a rather high price, which is set for it in the prices of dental offices.

Its limits may vary depending on the quality of the materials used and equipment, qualifications and reputation of the specialist who will conduct the bleaching procedure.

It is important that this is done by an experienced specialist who can assess the condition of your teeth, and assign the correct course of bleaching.

Indeed, theoretically, laser bleaching can be harmful: if the outer layer of enamel is too thin, then the free oxygen that is released as a result of the reaction can damage it. However, this is probably the only negative effect that laser bleaching can have.

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