Lake Garda is a great place to relax.

Italy is an amazing country: its architecture still continues to inspire and impress tourists, and the cuisine is famous all over the world. Thanks to its many attractions, this country attracts tourists like a magnet, and there really is something to see. Beautiful landscapes, amazing nature and architecture - the Italian visual range beckons and fascinates at first sight.

Not far from Milan, Verona and Venice is located the majestic Lake Garda - the largest in size in the country. Its coast is literally littered with small and large hotels, and all because this area is very popular not only among visitors, but also among Italians themselves.

Due to its convenient location, Lake Garda is not only a self-sufficient holiday destination, but also a peculiar hub connecting several popular tourist areas.

Main resorts and characteristics of the area

Lake Garda is only 30 minutes away from Milan, which allows you to visit nearby attractions, including the Italian fashion capital, on vacation.Garda is spread over 370 square kilometers, and its coastline is about 130 km. The maximum depth of the reservoir reaches 340 m, while it connects the Italian provinces of Trentino, Veneto and Lombardy.

In the north of the reservoir, the climate is rather severe: the weather is windy, and the average temperature is lower than in the south. However, despite this, cold winds blow there quite rarely, since the terrain is surrounded by mountains that do not let the cold air flow through.

The southern side is completely at the mercy of the Mediterranean climate: in the summer the air warms up to 30-35 degrees, but at the same time there is almost no heat and sweltering heat.

The water temperature is most comfortable from the beginning of summer to the beginning of autumn - during this period the reservoir warms up to 22-27 degrees. The amazing property of the lake - the formation of waves with complete calm - attracts surfers to rest. On the coast are scattered small towns and villages, which themselves are quite attractive in terms of tourism.

The brightest of them are:

  • Sirmione is a small town famous for its guests by the castle called Rocca Scaliger. Its history dates back to the Middle Ages, and the architecture is notable for its severe inaccessibility.In addition, the place around the fortress is really beautiful, as it is located on a peninsula of elongated shape, surrounded by azure lake water. Thanks to the construction of the castle, the small town became the administrative center, and a spa resort with mineral springs is located nearby;
  • Fat. This city in the distant 1900 suffered crushing losses during an earthquake, after which it was rebuilt. Arriving at this place, you can immerse yourself in a variety of water sports or visit local sights, such as the residence of Mussolini or several summer cottages of Italian government members;
  • Malcesine. This place is very beautiful, and therefore tourists are constantly resting here. It is not only the rare beauty of the surrounding area that attracts them: Malcesine is closely associated with Johann Goethe - a famous poet who lived here for several years. Also vacationers can climb the funicular to the summit of Mount Baldo, or visit local museums;
  • Limone - this city is famous for its professional windsurfing competitions. By the way, the name of the city largely justifies itself, because on the slopes grow lemon groves that make the town different from any other;
  • Desenzano del Garda.The town is famous for the fact that there are many nightclubs, because of what it is unofficially called the capital of nightlife. From the architectural local attractions can distinguish the ancient Roman villa and the Cathedral of Mary Magdalene.

Anyone who wishes to visit these wonderful places can choose how to be seated on the lake shore on their own: today in any, even a small town near Lake Garda, you can find a small hotel on the beach, be accommodated in apartments or in a villa - everyone will find afford a home to taste and pocket.

Interesting places and entertainment

Speaking about Lake Garda, we can not fail to mention the amazing and delicious cuisine in this region: all dishes are prepared in the best traditions of Veneto and Lombardy. Often the recipes contain meat, olive oil and fish. The most popular among tourists are dishes such as polenta carbonara, tortellini, trout, cooked with citrus, and broth of buza - broth with the addition of toasted flour and olive oil.

You can see the sights in any settlement located on the shore - no town on the coast is not deprived of interesting places.For example, many will want to see the grotto of Catullus, which belonged to the poet Guy Valery Catullu.

This building is considered one of the oldest buildings on the coast. The ruins of the villa discovered in the 15th century: the structure was subsequently cleared of the mud layer and made suitable for tourist visits. In addition, guests can stroll along the olive grove adjacent to the structure.

One of the most striking sights of Lake Garda can be called an amusement park called Gardaland, which many compare to Disneyland. The park enjoys special popularity among families with children, because there are so many different attractions, as there are no more in any Italian park.

Attractions were opened in 1972: from this time on, the park's collection is constantly updated with new venues and entertainment events. Sometimes it may seem to guests that the park is filled with myths and legends: this atmosphere is present in the magic castle of Merlin, and in the study of the Egyptian pyramids, and while participating in an almost real pirate battle.

Continuing the theme of parks, it is impossible not to mention the park Sigurta - a sample of landscape architecture. There are many species of trees, flowers and medicinal plants, and the territory is decorated with ponds and grottoes. Another no less interesting park is Natura Viva, where you can take a safari trip and admire giraffes and rhinos.

On the coast you can enjoy several kinds of outdoor activities - windsurfing or rowing, mountaineering or yachting, as well as mountain biking. Each city is equipped with rental equipment related equipment. For those who like to bask in the sun on the beach there is also a place - almost all the beaches on the coast are sandy-pebble, and the entry into the water is mostly sandy.

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