Lady Gaga stopped the performance for the victims of the concert during the concert.

“Kindness is a cure for violence and hatred for the whole world. I really want to share it, "Lady Gaga said many times in an interview. And reinforced the words with the deed: together with her mother Cynthia Germannota founded the charitable foundation Born This Way, launched her own social network LittleMonsters (so Gaga kindly calls his fans) and donated a lot of money to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. But in everyday life, the singer tries to be as attentive as possible - especially to fans of her work.

During the tour Joanne World, dedicated to her fifth studio album Joanne, the singer noticed that one of the girls at the scene holds on to the person with which the blood flows. Lady Gaga immediately stopped the performance and turned to the girl to find out if everything was alright with her: “Hey, how are you feeling? What happened? "The girl,who went up to the stage and introduced herself as Meredith, explained that she was carelessly touched by her elbow in the crowd, and Gaga called for ambulance workers. After the doctors took the girl with them, the singer addressed the crowd with the words: "We all have to remember that there are more important things than show business." And she performed a cappella her hit Paparazzi, dedicating it to Meredith.

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