Ksenia Sobchak breaks stereotypes about pregnancy

# nafinishno direct - such a hashtag put Ksenia Sobchak, who is preparing for the birth of the first child in November, under a new snapshot, where she was imprinted in asan pinch mayurasana (if easier, stand on the forearms). "The body has no limitations, except what you create yourself in your head", - wrote the future mother, thereby provoking a flurry of comments, as usual, enthusiastic and critical (at the time of publication there were already more than 2,000).

Good morning! I do not leave the house, but at home you can make an excellent yoga studio, there would be a desire! And the understanding that everything, including one’s own body, has no limitations, except those that you create yourself in your head! # on the finish straight :)))

Photo posted by Ksenia Sobchak (@xenia_sobchak)Nov 1 2016 at 11:49 am PDT

Meanwhile, Ksenia Sobchak is not the first expectant mother who plays sports in the last months of pregnancy, thereby breaking stereotypes. Suffice it to recall the fitness trainer from Australia, Shontel Duncan,which, in anticipation of the birth of the child, did not part with the barbell and dumbbells, supporting the belly with a hand.

Video posted by Chontel Duncan (@chontelduncan)Mar 15 2016 at 4:10 PDT

Or the mother of three children, Oksana Rumyantseva, who was actively training during the fourth pregnancy.

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