Kivano - exotic and unusual fruit

Do you like to try something new? Then definitely go to the store and buy an exotic kiwano fruit. But first learn everything about him.

What is this fruit?

Kivano is the fruit of a grassy vine, belonging, surprisingly, to the pumpkin family. The plant itself is small, usually no more than three meters in length. Africa is considered the homeland of kivano, but today such fruit is successfully cultivated in other countries, for example, in New Zealand, the USA (in some states), Italy, Israel and some other places.

Bright fruit

Kivano many called African cucumber. Probably, the name of the fruit received for its flesh, which has a transparent green shade. The fruit is covered with dense yellow, red or orange peel with small soft spines.

Skin is not used for food, it is inedible. The taste of a kiwano is similar to something between a banana and a cucumber. The size is about the same as that of an orange. This fruit is added to various cocktails, salads (both fruit and fish, vegetable or meat) and other dishes.

What is in this fruit?

The composition of kivano is unique and rich.It contains carbohydrates, proteins and even fats, ash, water, mineral salts, sugars, dietary fiber, vitamins C, A, B9, B3, B2, B5, B6, manganese, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus and more. The calorie content of the fruit is negligible and is only 40-45 calories per 100 grams of product.

Is it helpful?

Grows on the tree

We list some useful properties of the fruit kivano:

  • Water and a fairly large amount of sodium in the composition contribute to the maintenance of water-salt balance and protect the body from dehydration. So when thirst arises you can eat one fruit. In addition, Kivano nourishes all the cells with water, and also controls and maintains the osmotic concentration of blood (the amount of chemicals and particles dissolved in the liquid part of the blood - the serum).
  • Fiber and dietary fiber improves digestion, stimulates intestinal motility, and thus protects against constipation. In addition, with regular use, you can cleanse the body of various toxins and slags.
  • The composition includes iron, so that this fruit is very useful for iron deficiency anemia.
  • Vitamin C, which is also contained here, is the most important vitamin for our immunity.If you regularly use kivano, you can protect yourself from colds and infectious diseases.
  • Potassium is good for the heart, as it helps strengthen the heart muscle and improve its contractile activity. So kivano - an excellent means of preventing heart attack. In addition, this fruit is recommended to use in some other diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • This fruit can be safely called dietary, as it perfectly satisfies hunger, but at the same time it is low-calorie.
  • Kivano has an astringent effect and helps heal wounds.
  • This fruit is quite widely used in cosmetology. From the pulp make a variety of masks for the skin of the hands, face and body.
  • Magnesium, which is part of the composition, helps to normalize and improve the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Zinc has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Is it harmful?

Can kivano harm your health? No, this fruit is harmless and harmless. If we consider the contraindications, then you can select only one thing - individual intolerance.

Can be used in cosmetology

Side effects are also few. Thus, an allergic reaction may occur, manifested in the form of urticaria, itching, swelling of tissues and other symptoms.

Do not abuse this fruit, if you exceed the norm (one fruit per day will be enough), digestion can be disturbed.

Where can I buy?

Kivano can be purchased today in large stores and supermarkets in the exotic fruit departments. The price of such an extraordinary fruit is about 100-200 rubles for one piece.

How to choose?

How to choose a kiwano? Here's what to pay attention to when buying this fruit:

  • The optimal size of the fruit should not exceed 15-17 centimeters in length. Large specimens may be overripe or “stuffed” chemicals that accelerate growth and maturation.
  • Examine the peel. It should be pretty tight. There can be no stains, damage, traces of mold and blotches on its surface.
  • Feel the thorns. They should be quite firm and elastic and match in color with the rest of the skin.
  • Take the kiwano in your hands and hold it. If it seems too soft or light, the pulp inside is probably spoiled.

How to store?

Large grains

At room temperature (no higher than 25-27 degrees), the fruit can be stored for up to three days. In the refrigerator, the fruit will lie for a week. By the way, if the fruit is not ripe, put it on the window sill for a couple of days, it will mature.

How to use?

How do they eat kivano? Nothing is complicated in this.Here are your actions:

  1. Wash fruit in running water.
  2. Cut the fruit into two parts.
  3. Arm yourself with a spoon and remove the pulp.
  4. Enjoy the taste. Seeds are soft and edible, so you shouldn't spit them out.
  5. It is not necessary to throw out the skin, you can make a creative vase from it. Just dry the peel and put on the spikes.

What to cook?


So, what can you cook from a kiwano? Here are a few options:

  1. Add pulp to any fruit salad.
  2. From such a fruit it is possible to cook jam or compote. But since the taste of Kivano is not very rich, it is better to supplement it with other fruits.
  3. From the pulp can get tasty jelly.
  4. Mix the kivano pulp with yogurt, add honey and eat such a healthy and tasty dish for breakfast or afternoon tea.
  5. Add fruit to a vegetable, meat or fish salad.
  6. Prepare an unusual dessert. Take out the pulp, mix it with whipped cream, add sugar and put the composition back into the peel. Unusual, beautiful and tasty.

Be sure to get such an exotic fruit and appreciate its properties. Experiment, cook unusual dishes with the addition of kivano!

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