Katy Perry released the Swish Swish clip, which stars

Katy Perry has released a new video this week for their single Swish Swish from their latest album Witness. In the video you can see a lot of basketballs, a whole galaxy of stars (Terry Crews, Molly Shannon, Haftor Bjornsson, also known as Mount from Game of Thrones, and others), and some even claim that the new video is a stone in the garden Taylor Swift, with which Katy, as they say, is enmity (and so old that no one remembers the reasons, but the girls will never make friends).

If you step back from the “Star Warrior” theme between Perry and Swift, then, if Nicky Minaj didn’t appear in the second part of the video, you could safely nominate the video for the “most anti-sex clip of the year”! Surrounding herself with a team of unlucky and weak "tigers", Katie unsuccessfully fights against arrogant and strong "sheep" ... until a good fairy appears on the basketball court (for some reason, in the guise of a white-toothed diva in a cyber costume), endowing the girl with a remarkable force.In short, the sheep (probably in their number Perry recorded and Taylor Swift) remained in the span ...

Kathy herself believes that "this song will support you in a difficult moment when someone tries to humiliate or insult you." Swish Swish has collected over 15 million views on YouTube in a day.

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