Jelly from black currant for the winter: recipes with step-by-step instructions - without cooking in a cold way, five minutes and with gelatin. How to cook at home black currant jelly


Black currant jelly, the recipes of which we offer to your attention, are an excellent alternative to traditional homemade preparations. Its taste qualities are not inferior in any way to jam, jam or confiture, but the cooking process is much simpler and more accessible. The busiest housewives should pay attention to the "five minutes" and methods without cooking, and for those who have plenty of time, it makes sense to take note of the "thick" options and recipes with gelatin.On cold winter days, these blanks will delight with their juicy freshness and will give the body a supply of vigor, energy and vitality.

Concentrated black currant jelly for the winter - step by step instructions with photos

Guided by this step-by-step instruction from the photo, you can cook for the winter a very rich and concentrated blackcurrant jelly. Water in the recipe is not present. Instead, it uses natural currant juice. This provides the delicacy with a brighter taste and a pronounced berry aroma.

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