Italian - beautiful haircut for your hair

Italy has long been famous for fashionistas and cutting-edge designers who show off their collections on the world's catwalks. In this country, was born a lot of fashionable styles and trends, including the sphere of hairdressing. Here, trends that combine elegance and simplicity, elegance and comfort are highly valued.

Having become popular by the end of the 80s, the Italian hairstyle, popularly known as Aurora, still does not lose its prevalence.

Her appearance world hairdresser gurus obliged stylist from Milan Arlandu Tossi. Having given the hair of the models an original form, he introduced a new trend into fashion, which remains popular to this day.

Italian classics are always in fashion

According to the technique of performing such a haircut is similar to the classical version of the cascade, representing a short-cut strands on the crown and a stepwise transition down the entire length. To notice the essential difference between the aurora and the ordinary cascade is only possible for the master hairdressers, because the difference lies only in the amount of the step of cutting the curls.

The method of execution helps to make the hair more voluminous and suits almost all women, helping to emphasize all the advantages:

  • Holders of a round face type should not supplement a haircut that is too thick and long with a bang. In this case, it is better to leave the forehead open, and the hair - falling on the shoulders and back. This will visually make the contours more elongated.
  • Thanks to the multi-level curls of the Italian, covering the face, you can hide the wide cheekbones.
  • Ladies with sparse hair, seeing the result, are sure to be delighted, because their hair will gain additional volume without the use of styling products.
  • Wavy curls will become much more obedient and will no longer be confused, lying beautifully, thanks to the method of phased increase in length and filing.

Ideal for any length

Four decades of the existence of the Italian, of course, left an imprint of modernity on its variations and methods of working with curls. But the canonical form and the general image remain truly Italian.

  1. Hair is often difficult to shape, while maintaining their original length. But just thanks to the Italian it is possible.Profiled strands will give romance and lightness, and the tail curls will create a completely new look.
  2. This type of hairstyle for medium hair is considered the most successful and convenient. Such a haircut will help to create a great look for every day, while not requiring special care efforts and giving the opportunity to create an attractive “cap” effect. The model is perfectly combined with any kinds of bangs - from smooth and thick to trimmed in the form of an arch, as presented in the photo.

Another advantage of the Aurora for medium length hair is the long form retention, which will greatly reduce the number of visits to the hairdresser, which means it will save your budget.

  1. Short hair due to its multi-layeredness will receive fluffiness, which is easy to manage. This option is suitable for extraordinary individuals who are always looking for something unusual.

Laying - stylish and easy

The traditional version of styling long hair is based on the use of a hair dryer and a round comb, which you need to give the hair a basal volume. After that, the curls must be moistened and curled. So you get the perfect hairstyle in the Italian style.

To create a more solemn image fit curls. But the use of conventional curlers will make the hair more age. To exclude this moment, it is better to take an iron to help, which must be rotated along the length of each strand. The result will be light curls without excess volume.

The modern addition to the Italian can be coloring or highlighting, effectively shading each strand.

The fluffy woman's hair in the style of the 80s has become a real standard of femininity and charm, attracting the attention of men and reflecting the individuality of women.

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