It turns out that you can make a beautiful thing out of a pile of old clothes.

The needlewoman Claire Amstrong is very fond of the original projects, to create a cosiness in the interior. Once the girl decided to free the wardrobe from the old clothes and make a rug an interesting configuration. For the project, you can use different things, but she chose soft wool sweaters.

The handyman wanted the mat to have a felt texture. For this, sweaters had to be washed in hot water (“boiling” mode). Erase things of different colors separately, then each will retain its brightness. You can make a small rug out of what is in the closet, and add to it new layers as you accumulate unnecessary things. It is most convenient to lay out the elements of the rug on a fabric basis.

Strips of fabric for each other can be connected using textile glue or sew. Cut the washed and dried sweaters into strips of equal thickness.The thicker each strip will be, the higher the mat itself will be.

Divide wool by color. In each element, you can combine several. If you use textile glue, apply it only on half a strip, so that the top edge remains clean. Your rug will be softer with this technique. Fix each helix with a pin until the glue dries.

You can glue all the strips in one rug, or make a multitude of spirals of different sizes. Connect the elements with a glue gun. If there is free space between the spirals, fill it with stripes.

Glue the remaining strips around the edges to create the shape you want.

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