Is it possible to increase free space in a small apartment?

The truth is this: your bed deprives you of hobbies, sports and normal communication. Because it steals the precious place of your small apartment. Enough! Today you will understand where to find a corner in the apartment for yoga at home, where to put an easel and a piano, and invite the guests, finally not being shy of their cramped room. Today you will think about a bed that takes up almost no space.

What to sleep in a one-room apartment

While someone calls the existence and popularity of the small meters ridiculous, many people in our country continue to live in small-sized apartments. And still there are whole families that live in 9-12 residential squares in dormitory rooms, “hotels” and “sections”.

In the meantime, many young people do not consciously spend money on comfortable real estate, preferring, for example, to travel more. Small cars will be popular for a long time, but this does not mean that we do not want to live in beautiful interiors.

Design websites constantly repeat the "commandments" of small spaces: you need the right planning, multifunctional and folding furniture, finely matched colors and an abundance of mirrored surfaces ...

But no matter how small the apartment, everyone wants to sleep on a full wide bed. Everyone hates folding sofa beds! Because, let's be honest, once we spread a bed on them, we never add them.

So occupy almost a third of the living space clumsy beds. Up to 4 square meters, by the way. It's time to do something.

Add +4 sq. M. m. to your small apartment!

And you just need to change your views on the bed.

In fact, the area of ​​this apartment is only 24 meters (including the kitchen and bathroom).

1. Loft bed

The simplest and most obvious solution is to lift the bed up. When the bed is above eye level, it is as if not visible. But at the bottom you can arrange a full-fledged workplace or a comfortable sofa.

Just imagine how much space appears in the bedroom when the bed goes under the ceiling. But before, only a bed, a pair of bedside tables and a wardrobe were placed here.Add curtains and a lamp for reading - and now a new space of a small cozy bedroom has appeared.

But it is not at all necessary to put the bed on long legs: for example, 2 wardrobes are suitable as a support. If it were not for the bed under the turquoise ceiling, it would be impossible to place a working place in this 10-meter room of the communal apartment, a sofa for guests, a huge mirror and even a wardrobe.

2. Hanging bed

Even more airy is the bed that is attached to the ceiling and walls.

3. The bed goes to the ceiling

Some models are equipped with lifting mechanisms, so that during the day you will not even notice that there is a bed in the room.

4. Bed - second tier

Further more. The bed is moved to separate functional areas, thereby creating a second tier in the apartment.

The owner of this apartment had a very small budget and was forced to buy a tiny apartment. To save space, the bed was placed on the wardrobe, and in order to save money, the wardrobe has not even been covered with doors yet - the girl will be able to finish the repair later, when she accumulates money.

And in this apartment they created a whole room in the room: the second floor - a bedroom, and on the first there is a working area, a dining area, a lot of storage systems and even a folding bed in case of guests.

Here the bed is located on a deep closet, and on the side there is a kitchen unit attached.

The designers of this small studio apartment took advantage of the height of the ceiling and built a bedroom on the bathroom. Despite the modest dimensions for an isolated apartment (24 sq. M.), The room seems huge and light, which would be impossible to achieve by placing a bed, a sofa, many cabinets, a workplace and a kitchen traditionally along the walls.

5. Low ceiling is not a problem.

Lucky owners of rooms with high ceilings - and what if they are low? The same: place under the bed storage system.

And in this apartment-baby under the bed fit even a refrigerator!

6. Case bed

What if you hide the bed in the closet? Purchase such a model for a long time is not a problem. By the way, the area of ​​this apartment is only 6 meters! Behind the green doors are a wardrobe and a small, but such a necessary shower.

Another option of the bed, pretending to be a wall, was chosen for a micro-apartment by a girl student. The sleeping place reclines, like the upper shelf in the train. There is a desk in the closet, and a table and poufs under the sofa.

7. Bed under the podium

Yes, minus the bed-wardrobe is that you need to fix the bed with rubber bands so that it does not roll down in the folded position of the bed. But if you hide the bed in the podium, you can not even make up the bed.

The area of ​​this full-fledged apartment is 15 square meters. If it were not for the bed, driving into the podium under the kitchen, it would not turn around. The bed can serve as a sofa, if it is advanced half.

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