Is it possible to give a cat petroleum jelly?

Vaseline oil (not to be confused with ordinary petroleum jelly) is a mild laxative drug that stimulates intestinal motility and also effectively softens the feces. In cats and people, often similar illnesses, sometimes constipation becomes a problem - a condition in which an animal cannot go to the toilet for a day.

In these cases, many experts recommend the use of liquid paraffin - a drug that gently and gently lubricates the intestinal wall, which contributes to the removal of feces from the body.

However, before giving a petroleum jelly to a cat, you need to make sure that it suffers from constipation, and not, for example, intestinal obstruction. Obstruction is a much more serious symptom that is associated with the formation of a mechanical obstacle in the intestine, which, most often, requires medical intervention.

Constipation in cats vets call the absence of a bowel movement for 3-4 days, provided that in normal condition the animal goes to the toilet daily.A bad diet can provoke such an unpleasant phenomenon for a pet: for example, cats that eat dry food suffer from constipation less often than those that eat natural food.

For example, regular consumption of boiled liver, consumption of rice, as well as the presence of chicken cartilage or bone in the diet often leads to constipation in cats. But the raw liver - on the contrary, is weak, and porridges, as well as boiled vegetables, dairy products, also contribute to normal digestion.

If, however, such a nuisance still befell your pet, then how to give him vaseline oil? This can be done without much concern: it is absolutely harmless to cats, has the appearance of an ordinary clear liquid, which has neither taste nor smell. You can buy it in a regular pharmacy, in case of such critical situations, it is better to take care that it is always in your first-aid kit.

Application for cats

Of course, before starting any treatment, it is better to first consult with a specialist, he will prescribe you the desired dosage of the drug, and examine the animal.If there is no opportunity to consult with the veterinarian, then you can start the treatment on your own, the main thing is not to overdo it with the dosages.

So, how much vaseline oil does a cat need to pour in to alleviate its suffering?

Veterinarians usually advise to give an animal 20 grams of oil, as we have said, it has no taste or smell, however, not every animal will obediently take such medicine.

Be prepared for the fact that the cat can snort and scratch: the easiest way to pour her medicine is to put it on your hands on your back, one hand to open the mouth, and the other through a syringe (of course, without a needle) to gently pour oil. It is usually sent to the corner of the mouth of the animal, and in the process it is also stroked down the neck to cause a swallowing reflex.

Be prepared for the fact that after the procedure both you and your cat can get very dirty in the oil, and therefore prepare napkins in advance.

By the way, some “specialists” sometimes recommend using castor or sunflower oil. This is not recommended to be strictly done!

The fact is that such oils, unlike vaseline, are absorbed too quickly into the animal’s body,before you even have time to do something. The result is only a diseased stomach or liver of a cat, but not a successful defecation.

After the first reception, you need to wait a few hours and, if during this time the animal does not go to the toilet, then pour another 5 grams of oil into it, after 2-3 hours - repeat the procedure again. The total dose of oil should not exceed 40 grams per cat weighing about 5 kg. When the animal finally goes to the toilet, it should be given another 2 grams of oil. How often can you resort to such assistance?

In fact, it must be remembered that petroleum jelly is rather an emergency remedy than a permanent first aid for constipation, so it should be used as rarely as possible. By the way, sometimes enemas are based on it, but only a trained person can cope with them. With regard to contraindications, such, in principle, especially not available, the main thing is not to confuse constipation with intestinal obstruction.

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