Instructions in pictures: how to tie a tie

How many men every morning are tormented by the question: how to tie a tie? The paradox, but this ritual familiar to some people, for many still remains an insoluble problem. The reason is trivial - many men do not like to wear business clothes and prefer her sporty style (t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, sneakers, etc.).

man in a tie

So, if you still had to wear business clothes, and you do not know how to tie a tie and which knot is best suited for its width - this article is for you!

1. Simple knot (Four-in-hand, “Four”)

How to tie a tie

This knot is considered one of the most simple and popular options for tying a tie. Four-in-hand is considered the most convenient method of tying a tie and is suitable for almost any shirt collars.

2. Cross Knot (Cross Knot, Christensen, Christensen)

Different knots for a tie

An elegant version of the knot, which is suitable for ties from thin fabrics and for shirts, with a high collar. If you are tying a thin tie for the first time, then most likely, you will not be able to tie a cross knot the first time, since it is rather difficult to do this.

3Small Knot

How to tie a small knot photo

Suitable for ties from heavy fabrics and for shirts, with tight-fitting collars.

4. Windsor Knot (Full Windsor, Double Windsor, Windsor)

How to tie a Windsor knot photo

This is the most popular type of nodes, which is suitable for official situations. The size of the Windsor knot can be adjusted by experimenting with the width of the tie and changing its ends. In any case, you get a large knot, so it is best suited for wide collars.

5. Half Windsor

How to make semi-photo

This knot will suit you if you prefer a strict official style. It is not as voluminous as the classic Windsor node. Suitable for shirts with a classic collar in combination with wide neckties (the density of the fabric ties should not be thick).

6. Prince Albert or Double Knot

How to tie a knot prince photo

If you like wearing shirts with long collars and prefer tight neckties made from soft fabrics, you will most likely like the Prince Albert knot.

7. Bow Tie

Tie butterfly photo

A bow tie was invented already in the 1700s, and in 1886 it gained the greatest popularity. Not surprisingly, due to its simplicity and originality, it is still in fashion. Some men, instead of the usual bow tie, buy a bow tie with an elastic band, so they want to save themselves from the hassle of tying a knot.But in vain, because everything is actually not so difficult:

8. Ascot (cervical male handkerchief)

Ascot photo

Ascot looks more like a scarf than a regular tie. He is tucked in for a shirt collar, the top button of which must be undone and wrapped around the neck 1-2 times.

9. The Eastern Node

How to make an eastern knot photo

Small knot for ties from thin fabric (ties from silk or wool). The collar of the shirt should be snug.

10. Diagonal assembly (the Mosconi unit)

This knot is not always possible to tie even experts in ties! But if you manage to do this, then the attention of others will be provided to you all day! The difficulty of this method is that the wide end of the tie must be skipped right away through 2 formed loops. In the end, it turns out one of the most unusual types of nodes.

11. Freestyle Knot (Free Style)

Very beautiful knot that is best for thin silk ties. It combines elements of Simple knot and classic Windsor.

12. New Classic (New Classic, New Classic) node

An elegant knot that has been popular for some time in Italy. If you try, you will have a narrow triangle, which is suitable for medium-sized ties of not very long length.

How to tie a women's tie scheme

Having learned to tie your tie, you can also surprise your girlfriend, and help her with tying a female tie.

Women's ties

Different schemes

How to tie a female tie


Now you know how to tie a tie correctly. Experiment, and it is quite possible that in the near future you will invent your own knot :).

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