Incredibly beautiful and cozy painted houses in Poland

Polish village Zalipie is known as an open-air museum. After all, more than 20 houses and a lot of outbuildings in this settlement are painted with original ornaments with floral motifs. The tradition to paint buildings and structures appeared in this corner more than 100 years ago, and now it is developing thanks to the support of local authorities.

It is believed that initially the women of the village began to paint the interior of their homes, painting on the whitewash of the furnace. For painting were used natural dyes, such as coal and ash, pounded clay, natural grass. The pattern developed from simple to complex, but plant motifs have been preserved for a long time.

In ordinary schools for children in Zalip'e itself and in the nearby villages, the traditional Zalipa drawing is taught as one of the independent disciplines. After all, an unusual village is considered a landmark of the region, which attracts tourists.

Decorated not only the walls of houses, but also household utensils and auxiliary structures.Inside, some of the living spaces are as bright as the outside. Not surprising, because this tradition started from the stove.

It is very interesting to watch how traditional painting is intertwined with modern life. After all, it is not just museum objects, but the place of residence of people.

Most tourists express incredible enthusiasm by visiting this unusual village.

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