What shoes to celebrate New Year - 2018

Pastel shoes with rivets

According to rumors, brown and all its shades - this is the same range, which favors the symbol of 2018 Yellow Earthen Dog. If you believe in omens, then finding beautiful shoes in brown is not difficult, but most of the options will be pastel shades: coffee with milk, powder and sand.

Rivet Uterque Shoes

Uterque shoes with rivets (5 950 rub.)

Shoes with rhinestones

Shoes with an artistic design in our heart and a shoe cabinet have a special place, because these are the pairs that make any, even the simplest outfit, play with bright colors. This elegant pair especially for those who do not plan to wear anything for the New Year is more complicated than a plain dress.

Rhinestone Topshop Shoes

Topshop shoes (£ 35)

Satin shoes with crystals

The overall shoe trend noticed by us on the runways is the abundance of kitsch, glitter, feathers, weighty crystals and all sorts of decorations on one pair. Not shoes, but just a holiday of some kind, which is always with you!

Badgley Mischka shoes with crystals

Badgley Mischka shoes with crystals (£ 200)

Velvet Mary Jane shoes

At least one velvet couple would definitely have to be on this list, because this luxurious material is synonymous with any holiday. In search of original models, we came across this “shy girl”: because of her form and the presence of the appliqué, she touchingly resembles the shoes of a schoolgirl.

Velvet Sam Edelman Shoes

Velvet Sam Edelman shoes (£ 60 at a discount)

Shoes with pearls

But pearls are not limited to decorations: this season we found sweaters decorated by them, dresses, leggings and even socks, and now we came across classic pumps, which stopped being so classic when they had giant pearls in their heels.

Ekonika Pearl Pumps

Ekonika pumps with pearls (10 990 rub.)

Two color shoes

It’s so great when you don’t have to choose between your favorite shades and get two colors in one thing at once, and still don’t follow the inexplicable rule that pink and red aren’t combined - how they combine and create a holiday around themselves!

Two-tone shoes NA-KD

Two-tone shoes NA-KD ($ 60)

Shoes with gold purpurin

You can't do without gold in the New Year, so choose: either in small doses - in jewelry, or in large doses - in tops with sequins and skirts made of metallized leather.Shoes with a scattering of gold spangles are placed somewhere in the middle - just shoes, but it will give so much shine to your festive look!

Shoes with Golden Purpurin Zara

Shoes with gold purpurin Zara (1 999 rub.

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