In fact: the marketing agency Ksenia Bausheva

The path to success Ksenia Bausheva was not easy, but very interesting. In an interview with Woman's Day, she told how she found herself, opened a marketing agency, created a clothing line and found happiness in her personal life.

How it all began

Photo: Ksenia Bausheva personal archive
Photo: Ksenia Bausheva personal archive
Photo: Ksenia Bausheva personal archive
Photo: Ksenia Bausheva personal archive
Photo: Ksenia Bausheva personal archive

- I started working in my school years. Parents said that it would be better for me to study the lessons, but I did not understand why they should be done if they did not generate income. This is a joke, but there is some truth in it. I, of course, not against education. Even for! I just managed to combine my studies at the Faculty of Journalism at RUDN with my work. Moreover, I was interested in practice much more theory ...

When I was 16 years old, when I got to work as a waitress in a restaurant and saw the restaurant business from the inside, I realized that it was mine. True, before opening my marketing agency for the promotion of restaurants, I had a long way to go.

When I was 20, I got into the promo club of the Opera club.There I was engaged in everything: I thought out the concept of an institution, I was engaged in concerts, posters, I selected music. Then I was invited to an interview at one of the well-known recording companies Gala Records and ... took a job. But the most interesting thing was that only on the first working day I was told that I would be not just a PR specialist, but the PR director of the singer MakSim, who was then at the peak of popularity! Later, I still worked with Nastya Zadorozhnaya, Bahh Tee, Bianca, Dino MC 47 and others.

At first I flew on the wings and was sure that my work was a dream. But after three months I realized what I got involved in ... It turned out to be very difficult to work with artists. My duties included everything that was possible, I was his mom and dad. Sometimes I thought that I live the lives of other people, and not my own. I wanted to quit and leave. But then she set herself a goal: to hold out for a year to show herself and fulfill all the planned goals. And so it happened. A year has passed, and I wrote a letter of resignation.

But to leave the show business forever failed. Many artists I worked with earlier asked me to collaborate with them further. As a result, I worked for a while at the Monolith production center, and then went to freelance.The fact is that in seven years I was very tired, I was 26 years old, and I wanted not to break into a hundred projects, but to improve in one area close to me. Then I remembered the period when I was a waitress, about a big event for Arkady Novikov and about my experience with clubs: Billionaire, Bar 7, Opera, Posh Friends ... All the puzzles were formed, and I was sure that the restaurant business it is mine!

I told about my desire to one of my friends, and after a short time he brought me together with the investors of the project “Clouds”, who were just looking for a team. Among several nominations I was chosen. So everything went ...

Restaurant Clouds ”, by the way, I still do and since it became my first project, I treat it with particular trepidation.

Prome Bakery Marketing Agency

Since 2011, I am the owner of a marketing agency Prome Bakery with a certain staff of people. At first, we conducted about 15 different projects (they were restaurants, clubs, artists, shops, and beauty salons). But then I decided to concentrate on one direction, towards which the soul lies more. Of course, restaurants have become this area.

Each of the restaurants are not related to each other.We work with some on temporary projects (for example, they turn to us to organize the opening of the veranda, parties for any occasion), with others on an ongoing basis.

I can say that now I am in my place: the hashtag # I love my job 100% about me. And while I'm still a wife and mother. But do not intend to stop there. Even when there is a lot of work and it goes on as usual, it still seems to me that something is missing and something needs to be added.

So, a couple of years ago I launched the ksenia @ bausheva clothing line, and now I'm still thinking about a construction company ...

READ MOREabout the clothing line of Ksenia Bausheva.

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