Improving the immunity of the child: practical recommendations

We increase the immunity of the childAll children are ill - sooner or later all parents have to face this immutable truth. Most often the question of how to improve the immunity of the child, in the most acute form arises when your child goes into the garden.
People have already become a textbook expression that children go to kindergarten after a week or two - most of the time is spent on the treatment of viral and infectious diseases, which the little ones happily share with each other. In order for the kindergarten to become not an additional burden, but a relief for the mother, the child’s immunity should be prepared in advance.

Step 1. Watching the child

Of course, it is not necessary to indiscriminately row all the same comb. There, where one child will hook, the second will run and will not sneeze. Therefore, the path to improving immunity should begin with determining whether your child really needs it. It does not need special medical knowledge, just enough to watch.
So, if your baby has been a frequent visitor to the ENT since birth, if he has a runny nose at the slightest parental oversight, which quickly descends below and flows into bronchitis and inflammation, all this can be accompanied by high fever - you should think about how to improve the immunity of those who often suffer to kid.
In addition, these babies often have problems with the stomach, they are worried about bloating, the lymph nodes and spleen can be enlarged (on palpation), and a general disorder of the immune system can even lead to allergies.We increase the immunity of the child
Now add to this the inevitable stress when getting into an unfamiliar environment and the absence of the mother, “acquaintance” with new microorganisms, which each of the 20 children in the group has its own. It is not necessary to write off the "universal" factors: spring and autumn avitaminosis, outbreaks of viral infections, hypothermia, and the general poor state of the environment. The growing organism has virtually no chance of avoiding disease. However, to reduce their frequency and facilitate the course is quite within your power.We increase the immunity of the child

Step 2. Defining allies

After examining the main symptoms, you can begin to practical solution of the question of how to raise the immunity of the frequently ill child.Assistants in this matter should be the correct actions of parents, and pharmaceuticals or traditional medicine. In short, we are talking about the organization of the daily routine and lifestyle of the child, as well as the use of vitamin, immunomodulatory, antioxidant drugs and sorbents.
Proper lifestyle includes such things as strict adherence to the requirements of personal hygiene (wash with soap and hands before eating, after a walk, after using the toilet, swimming, washing all vegetables and fruits), a balanced diet, hardening, airing the rooms, frequent walks in the fresh air, maintaining in the children's room certain temperature and humidity indicators, adherence to sleep and wakefulness, an active lifestyle.
Also important is the psychological comfort of the crumbs - here parents should act in conjunction with caregivers. The sooner the baby adapts to new living conditions, the less stress the immune system will receive (it’s not for nothing that they say that all diseases come from nerves).We increase the immunity of the child
In addition to these inexpensive and simple ways, you should always have vitamin and mineral preparations in your home medicine chest,age-appropriate, as often the simplest option of how to raise the immunity of an often ill child is vitamin therapy. Enterosorbents will help rid the body of intoxication, worsening the general well-being of the child and complicating the course of the disease.
Immunomodulators and immunostimulating syrups will strengthen the body's defenses, help it to quickly defeat the disease. You can also use natural or artificial adaptogens - they will cope with stress, maintain balance of all body systems.
And if you often ask yourself the question: “I often get sick with colds. How to improve immunity? ”, Then you can pay attention to the abundance of herbal preparations containing plants that help strengthen the immune system (echinacea, ginseng, St. John's wort, etc.) and live year after year without viruses and colds.We increase the immunity of the child

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