I don’t care what others think of you, and here’s why

But in society, we all are to one degree or another connected with each other, and we have to reckon with certain rules. However, this does not mean that we should depend on the opinions of others and build our lives based on the outlook of other people. Why? Here are 10 reasons.

Reason number 1. They are the same as you are

When a person is concerned about other people's opinions, it seems to him that he is alone against the whole world and the whole world jabs his finger at him. He feels very vulnerable, as if standing naked in front of a crowd of people. At such moments it is useful to remind yourself that other people are the same as you. They also have shortcomings, weaknesses and fears, they can also be offended and offended, they also experience and are also dependent on someone else's opinion.

Reason number 2. People measure by themselves

Most of the conclusions and conclusions people make, based on their own views on life, experience, position in society, financial opportunities and mental abilities. They can not be 100% in your skin, which means that their conclusions can not be absolutely correct.Is it worth worrying about what a person thinks that doesn't even know you well enough? I would not bother!

I don’t care what others think of you, and here’s why

Reason number 3. Dissatisfied will always

Whatever you do, no matter how you do it, you will find the discontented in any case. It's impossible to please everyone, is it worth trying? Just accept the fact that someone will always disagree with you. Everyone likes, as a rule, comfortable people. They are like home workouts or an old battered chair. Would you like to be a chair or workout for other people? I doubt it.

Reason number 4. Criticism is aggression

Surely you have been hammered since childhood that criticism is good, it helps you to become better. This is not entirely true. It is normal to perceive criticism only from a professional in your business or from a person more experienced than you. In any other case, criticism is aggression towards you, so you should not seriously take all criticism addressed to you. Not the fact that it is generally worth your attention.

Reason number 5. Who talks a lot, he does little

Notice that the people who criticize others more than others and discuss someone, in fact, are not engaged in anything useful.This is either grandmothers on the bench, or mothers on the forums, who from idleness do not know what to do, or losers, sitting out their pants for useless work. Are successful and often busy people often sticking their nose into the affairs of others and expressing opinions if they have not been asked? No. Moreover, they also take money from people for expressing their opinions. Well done.

gossip girl 5

Reason number 6. People do not want you to be good

I will tell you the harsh truth: most advisers around you do not wish you well. Exception - close relatives who really care about your well-being. All the rest would be more convenient for you not to be rich, successful and happy. So, it is unlikely that you will hear from those around you something really worthwhile that you could listen to. Therefore, whenever you catch yourself thinking that someone's opinion bothers you, remind yourself that it is more likely to distance you from success than to approach it.

Reason number 7. Public opinion is constantly changing.

What is being condemned today will be admired tomorrow and vice versa. The opinion of society is very changeable, therefore it is unrealistic to adapt to it without detriment to one’s own psyche.Today you did not like someone, and tomorrow he will imbue you with love. Today they adore you, and tomorrow they will start spreading rumors about you. In connection with such fluctuations, the value of another's opinion is rapidly approaching zero.

Reason number 8. On the experience of someone else's opinion takes a lot of energy

By itself, someone's assessment in most cases does not affect the quality of your life, but your feelings about someone else's opinion can knock you out of the rut, draw out all your energy and cause neuroses. Do you need it? Hardly. Thus, taking someone else's opinion too close to your heart, you are harming yourself. Stop this immediately!

I don’t care what others think of you, and here’s why

Reason # 9. Life is too short.

Trite, but this is our reality. We have one life, and it passes. Somehow it is a pity to waste precious time on depending on someone's opinion. It is a pity for people who have lived their whole lives in anticipation of the approval of the society.

Reason number 10. In fact, people do not care about you.

When I see how a person is worried about what neighbors, colleagues, friends or relatives will say about him, I immediately imagine a funny picture: people, having discussed the unfortunate from the strength of about ten minutes, return to discuss their problems, plans for the weekend and the last issue program "Let them talk".And the unfortunate person spends hours and days worrying about what others think about him. And it would be okay if people just survived, but some of them are beginning to completely reshape their lives, looking back at those around them, who have long been involved in their business. Everyone has their own concerns, do not overestimate their importance in the lives of others. In fact, they don't give a damn about you. And this is, in general, the most important thing that should always be remembered.

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