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Location and temperature

Shading from direct sunlight is only necessary in the summer period; to do this, simply close the window with a tulle curtain. It should be remembered that Hovei, which has stood for a long time in the penumbra, should be gradually taught to intense light, otherwise you can get burned.
During the warm season, the temperature is maintained at + 20-24 ° С, in winter it is reduced to + 18-20 ° С, although the plant is able to withstand cold snap up to + 12-16 ° С. Adult specimens are less susceptible to cold than younger ones. In the room where Khoveya is located, there must be a constant supply of fresh air, while at the same time drafts must be avoided.

Watering and fertilizer

Hovey watered plentifully, using a soft settled with water. The next watering should be started only when the topsoil dries. The softness of the water is crucial, this plant is very sensitive to lime. In the autumn, watering should be reduced, but one should not allow complete drying of the earthy coma.
Khovey is capable of carrying dry air, but in the summer it responds well to spraying, they are carried out with warm and soft settled water. If the plant is large, you can wipe its leaves with a damp cloth or wash them under a warm shower. In the cold season spraying stopped.
Top dressing is carried out not only in the warm period, but also in winter. In the summer of Hovey fed 2 times a month, the rest of the time - every month. To do this, use mineral fertilizer of normal concentration.

Transplantation and reproduction

Young specimens are transplanted annually, adults - once in 2-3 years, but tubs can not be moved, you should only replace the topsoil every year. The substrate is prepared from turf and leaf land, humus and sand. Recommend with age to increase the proportion of humus. Remove the old layer of drainage and the top layer of the earth, trying not to damage the roots. The size of the pot increases as the plant grows.
Hovey propagated by seeds, but to obtain the average instance will take 5-7 years, for this plant is characterized by very slow growth. Sowing is carried out at the end of winter, peat is used as a substrate.For successful germination of seeds, it is necessary to maintain a temperature of about + 27 ° C. When the seedlings develop, they need to be dived one by one into 8 cm pots. Then the seedlings are kept at a temperature of + 18-25 ° C.

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