How valid are the exam results?

Julia Bulashova
Julia Bulashova
January 10, 2013
How valid are the exam results?

Officially, the Unified State Exam in Russia has been held since 2009, as the main form of passing exams at school, and upon admission to universities. But, in order not to have to re-prepare, you need to know exactly how many results of the unified state examination are valid. According to the federal law "On Education", the results of the USE are valid for two years or until December 31 of the following year. In other words, if you passed the EGE in 2012, your results will be valid until December 31, 2013. At the same time, you can apply for documents in several different educational institutions at once, since all you need is the number of points for a particular subject.

There is a site "", where you can see detailed information about the dates of the Unified State Exam, what tasks can be on the exam, and also find out how much the results of the Unified State Exam are valid.

For graduates who are recruited into the army immediately after the successful completion of the USE, the results of the USE are increased by 1 year.But, after passing the service, the applicant must provide the selection committee with a military ID and the results of the USE for the past year.

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