What can you wear with trendy boots?

What a strange name, "pipes"? So the designers called boots, the main highlight of which is in the tops - it is the same in width as the knee and the ankle, which gives them a very unusual look.

As you understand, winter shoes should be not only comfortable and warm, but also fashionable, and ultra-popular boots-pipes are suitable for this, as well as possible. They have long captured the hearts of many Hollywood beauties, stalked on the world's catwalks and break out into the masses! Consider this feature and soon go for the next purchase!

Such models, as if on purpose, refer us to the past, to those times when this style of boots was found almost everywhere, as it was the only possible one. However, today, in no case, it is impossible to call them boring or banal, on the contrary, they have created an unusual counterbalance to the already bored elegant fitting boots and jack boots.

Today, the "pipes" are greatly improved, the designers decorated them with all sorts of rhinestones, rivets, chains and furs, equipped with heels, wedges and even stilettos.By the way, the last option looks very elegant and refined.

Who will do?

For some reason, many girls formed the opinion that the boots-pipes are very rough and bulky shoes that can fit only into the image of some informal rock girls. But this is not quite so, rather, it is precisely in this that their main zest lies.

We will not hide, create a romantic and trembling image with such shoes you will not succeed, but the image of a feminine, sexy and stylish confident lady - easily!

Fashionable boots boots are ideal for girls and women with the type of figure "pear" or "hourglass": wide hips "balanced" by the wide tops, which allows you to translate the accent from the volume fifth point.

Naturally, girls with an athletic physique with legs pulled up and slightly pumped up, they will also play only at hand. But ladies with too thin legs and a “boyish” physique (a pretty butt, poorly expressed waist), this style will not work, and it will really look rough.

And yet it is worth noting that for a certain type of thin girls “pipes” can be a great idea, since their deliberate brevity only emphasizes the elegance of the ladies.

And to remove the imbalance in the hips, they are best combined with fluffy short skirts such as “skirt-a-line”. How to choose the "pipe" plump ladies?

Contrary to popular belief that the pipe-boots are a real rescue for women with full legs or ankles, many designers claim that they, on the contrary, are able to visually increase their full legs and add a couple of extra centimeters to the total volume. Therefore, girls with this type of figure should be attentive to the choice of these boots and first carefully examine themselves in the mirror.

What to wear?

Such footwear, despite its external cumbersomeness, is able to fit into everyday, elegant office and walking images with great success, and it is very important that you are worn on top.

Stylists recommend: in order to reduce some aggressiveness of the "pipes", they are ideally combined with short skirts or dresses, the length of which can vary from cardinal mini, to extravagant midi.

As for styles, anyone will fit in here, even a pencil skirt, only the main thing is to ensure that its edge does not coincide with the edge of the boots, otherwise the legs will turn out as cropped.The ideal distance from the edge to the bright one is 10-15 cm, which can be seen in the photo where the models on the world shows of 2015 demonstrate fashionable style.

Perhaps the only style of a skirt or dress that will not be combined with such shoes is a year skirt that fits in the upper part and diverges with wedges to the bottom. Skirts and dresses of the maximum length are not considered, as it completely conceals all the beauty of your boots. The denser the material of your skirt, the tighter you can pick up tights, preferably, the color in color matching with the boots.

By the way, even color or openwork variants will suit here, which, in the case of the same boots, would look vulgar, would be quite appropriate here.

In addition to skirts, “pipes” are ideally combined with leggings, skinny skinny jeans or short shorts, which are also worn under tight tights. In the case of leggings as the top, you can choose a voluminous knitted sweater or a nice elongated tunic, which will give the image of lightness.

Jeans will look good with fitted blouses, which, without fail, must be supplemented with a cardigan, jacket or jacket.With regard to the choice of handbags, then turn your attention towards the bulk options, which in color and texture will be combined with the "pipes".

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