How to wear stockings so as not to look vulgar?

Recently, stockings - not the most popular unit of women's wardrobe, but very vain, because, according to men, they are the most sexy and exciting clothes.

It is very sad that the fair sex is increasingly seeking comfort and convenience, completely forgetting that at least sometimes, you need to surprise and fascinate your men, and stockings are the best helpers in this business.

Sexy image

For more than 200 years, light and beautiful stockings excite the consciousness and imagination of men, and modern photographers, painters do not overlook them, just look at their paintings and photographs.

What is interesting, in an erotic photo of stockings a whole niche is allocated, probably, all this is not for nothing, however, not everyone knows that they were originally the subject of a purely male wardrobe. This was confirmed by studies and archaeological excavations that provided evidence to the world: images with men in stockings that were found in the territory of Persia and Ancient Greece.

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Then they were knitted of fine wool, but over time, the secret was lost and was restored only in the 18th century in France - then all French and Spanish fashionable gentlemen wore elegant stockings.

The first girl who tried on this item on the bottom wardrobe, according to the imprint, is the famous French favorite Marquis de Pompadour. In those days, the marquise was a real embodiment of taste, which is probably why stockings very quickly migrated to the wardrobe of admired fashionistas.

Complements the linen

Since those ancient times, stockings have experienced a lot, from woolen they turned into nylon, which made them more accessible and practical clothing for all segments of the population.

These are women's weapons

Today, not every woman knows how to properly wear and choose stockings, because it is really not so easy, but if you do everything right, then in such clothes any woman can feel comfortable and, not least, incredibly attractive.

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Do not give up such a sexy part of the female wardrobe just because you do not know how to choose or wear them. So that you would not experience any discomfort, we decided to select for you a list of recommendations and a set of unofficialrules that will help you understand this difficult, but very seductive business.

How to choose stockings for yourself?

  • To begin with, it is necessary to clarify: only those stockings look beautiful, stylish and expensive, and they cost a lot for the price. There is an interesting opinion: the quality of stockings can be determined by their smell, and for this it is enough to slightly open the box with a new pair and smell. If the aroma is strong, but pleasant, then you probably have a quality product from a good manufacturer, because aromatization costs quite a lot, which you cannot afford to scam artists who are engaged in cheap fakes.
  • Be sure to choose a model in size: too small stockings squeak in your leg, they will crush and create constant discomfort, and large ones, on the contrary, at the most inopportune moment will easily slip down your leg, perhaps even without your knowledge!
  • The important point is the composition of the product, because it is from it, in many respects, that the quality will depend, and hence the strength, durability and appearance. The more lycra content, the stockings are softer and more elastic, but more expensive, this can not be avoided. If you are interested in luxury stockings,then to you to the famous manufacturer Chantal Thomas - a famous French designer, who since the late 70s has been creating the most romantic and luxurious lingerie.
  • Pay attention to the variety of stockings: there are options that can be worn exclusively with a belt - incredibly beautiful and sexy, though, sometimes it brings girls a lot of inconvenience. Another option, more modern and convenient - stockings with elastic. Under the delicate part, a silicone insert is sewn, which helps the upper part of the product to sit tightly on the female leg, without slipping into the most important and critical moments.
  • Color - a very important argument when choosing stockings. Remember that it should not be radically different from the color of your skin, in particular this applies to models for every day. Beige, solid and black versions are considered to be classic, but models with rhinestones, bright patterns, patterns and beads are more likely for evening or carnival exits. Body models should be slightly lighter or of one tone with a dress or skirt, dark ones are worn only with dark clothes, white ones are a personal variant for brides.

How to wear it correctly?


Now, when you figured out how to choose good and high-quality stockings, it remains to understand what such underwear is wearing and how to do it correctly, so as not to look stupid or vulgar. In order not to "sit in a puddle", you must start from a variety of the model you choose.

Stockings on the belt

  • If you decide to try this look, then you will definitely need the belt itself, fastenings and, accordingly, stockings. It is better that the belt and stockings are in harmony with each other, and even better - were a set. When choosing a belt, be sure to pay attention to the suspenders, they must be strong and elastic, and the fasteners should not be undone by yourself. Externally, garters or suspenders are very similar to the straps from the bra, be sure to try on the entire set together, practice with fasteners and adjust the tension force.
  • If the belt is worn correctly, then you should not feel any discomfort, though, at first, fastening stockings can cause certain difficulties, but, as they say, skill comes with experience, with time their dressing will occur “automatically.”

Elastic Stockings

The silicone insert, which is hidden under the lace top of the stocking, is a very convenient and modern option that allows you to wear them without suspenders or garters; here, the main thing is to guess with the size.

It is important to choose the right

Typically, these models have a wide decorated insert, which sometimes causes irritation in the fair sex, there's nothing you can do, you have to go to the belt.

What to wear?

The first rule is this: in order not to look vulgar and vulgar, stockings must be worn so that no one will ever guess that you are in them.

Quite modest view

This means that the upper elastic band or suspenders, if you are in the belt, should not look out from under the hem of the skirt or dress, the clothing should not be fitting so that everything is pushed and shined outward. This becomes especially noticeable when a woman sits down, so be sure to experiment in front of a mirror.

There are different

Particular attention should be paid to shoes - it should be combined in color with stockings, in no case do not contrast! The classic option - shoes with an average or high heels, but the options with low speed, sneakers, moccasins and similar shoes are considered absolutely unacceptable.

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