How to wear clothes from sequins?

Looking beautiful and stylish is one of the main goals of each girl. But fashion is changeable, and it is often impossible to keep up with it, having caught the basic rules, trends of this and future season. That is why many things taken out of the context of fashion shows often look ridiculous for those who, although they have acquired a stylish thing, have never learned to create stylish bows.

Brilliant clothes, in the literal sense of the word, made of sequins, are now worn not only at ceremonial events, parties or holidays. Casual style has long been "overgrown" with such things. But in order to look elegant and spectacular, at the same time, without becoming a New Year tree, you should heed the advice of stylists. We will gladly share them with you.

More shine!

Let's start right away with the main rules that need to be remembered, if the clothing with sequins “settled” in your wardrobe:

  1. The less brilliant decor on things, the more it is suitable for everyday wear.That is, a dress fully embroidered with sequins, it will be inappropriate to look while walking through the park, but in the club - very much so. The top in the same style, dressed with a classic jacket, can even look harmoniously in the office.
  2. Keep the right balance. This means that the catchy top implies a discreet, almost conservative bottom, and vice versa.
  3. Remember also that such a bright thing should be on you in a single copy. Taking the bag, decorated with sequins, you need to forget about the rest of the things with the same decor and leave them for the next exit.
  4. If you do not want to look like a multicolored shining garland, give preference to one color of sparkles. Even designer clothes, in which several shades are combined at once, run the risk of looking too cheap.
  5. Brilliant clothes immediately struck. That is why the stylists recommend either to buy a few things to look different at each event, or to give preference to a top or skirt. So you will save money and get the opportunity to create a large number of different bows.
  6. Choose a simple cut.Things should not be burdened with ruffles, folds, ruffles and have some unusual style. The simpler it is, the better.
  7. Remember that clothes with glitter adds extra volume to the body, so it is necessary to select them so that the problem areas are not additionally accentuated.

Image creation rules

Now let's find out how to combine such things.

A bright skirt for everyday wear will look great with plain knitted sweaters. A simple cotton shirt and a denim jacket will also help balance the bow. Brave girls combine this elegant bottom even with simple T-shirts.

But for the appearance of the top it is better to choose a chiffon blouse to match the skirt, which will give lightness and romance.

For women who always tend to look stylish, you can safely wear pants with paillettes. Under them fit simple sweaters, T-shirts, shirts, maybe even oversize, and leather jackets, leather jackets.

Shining top can become as an independent thing, over which you can throw a jacket, and can serve as a kind of waistcoat accent. In this case, they wear a classic monochromatic shirt underneath, and they complement the image with blue skinny jeans and pumps with low heels.

A shimmering sweater is a great option for dating.A full skirt that gives special femininity, shoes or sandals to match the top or bottom look good with it. In a cool time of year, a coat of beige or sandy shade will be appropriate from outerwear.

The jacket with shine will help to turn an everyday image into a bright and memorable one. Wearing a simple blouse and jeans, or even a t-shirt and pants, he instantly gives the girls charm and charm.

And, finally, the most popular item with sequins - dress. Maxi length does not require any additional accessories and decorations. The handbag should be small (better if it is a clutch), one-colored and matte, and the image will be complemented by a spectacular styling and a neutral make-up.

A short dress, but without a neckline and knee-length, can be worn even in the office, where a tight dress code is not installed. It should have a neutral color (beige, gray), and the company of such a thing will be made up of neat pumps, a light raincoat and a strict classic bag.

For a trip to the city elements of the wardrobe are quite suitable, partially embroidered with sequins. These can be appliqués on sweatshirts, dresses or bags.

Preparation of fashionable images for every day and in honor of solemn occasions will no longer take much time.Your main task in this matter is not to overdo it, then the ensemble will be harmonious and spectacular, and you will be self-confident. Do not be afraid of bright things and shine!

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