What can I wear with a stylish long shirt?

In the wardrobe of a modern girl should be things for all occasions. And if you follow the fashion trends, then be sure to get a stylish long shirt. But first find out how to wear it properly.

Who would such a thing go?

A long shirt is a universal thing and must have for any woman, regardless of size, age and status. It will suit both slender girls and ladies with outstanding and appetizing forms, but only if you choose the right model.

A long shirt sits equally well on teenagers and young girls, and on self-confident women 35-40 years old, and even on ladies 45-50 years old, who remain up to date with the latest fashion trends. In general, the thing in question has no age limit.

Another feature is that a long shirt is useful for all occasions. You can go to a party or a date, to study, to work and even to an official meeting or interview.There is such a variety of models that you can find exactly what you need in a given situation.

How to make a choice?

It would seem that the thing is extremely simple, but there are a huge number of options. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Style. The simplest and concise is a straight cut model that can hide flaws and visually extend the silhouette. Trapezoid or A-shaped shirt veils the volume in the lower part of the body or, on the contrary, mask the thinness of the buttocks and hips. The feminine option is a fitted cut with an emphasis on the waist or slightly above it.
  • The length can also be different. The first option is a shirt up to the buttocks or completely covering them. The second option is the length to the hips, for example, to their upper part or to the middle. The third variation - models just above the knees or reaching them. And finally, the extreme length - to the calf or even to the ankles. Yes, yes, such a shirt, too, may well be.
  • Sleeves may be short, ¾, long or completely absent.
  • Materials For sewing, silk, linen, coton, chiffon, denim, cotton and even leather, suede and eco-leather are used.
  • Colour.Shades can be very different: from classically and restrained to saturated, juicy and ultrafashionable. The classic at all times is black and white. Gray, light blue and beige can be attributed to the restrained tones. The saturated gamut includes burgundy, dark blue, brown, violet. Bold girls will appreciate the bright colors: mint, fuchsia, indigo, lime, yellow, red, orange.
  • Prints. If monophonic things seem boring and trite to you, choose models with patterns, for example, checkered shirts that are classic, stylish and striped, cute with polka dots. Also popular are geometric and abstract drawings, animalistic and floral motifs, all sorts of inscriptions.
  • Additional details. Modern designers know a lot about fashionable "chips" and therefore complement shirts with interesting features, such as cuts on the sides (they can be extreme and start from the waist), the back elongated hem, various collars (turn-downs, racks), original accessories, applications, overhead pockets, inserts of lace, guipure and other materials, flounces and ruffles and much more.

How to wear: good options

What is it fashion to wear a long shirt? It can become the basis of your wardrobe and be combined with a variety of things:

  1. Jeans complement the youth shirt. And in color, they can be combined with the top, and it is interesting to contrast.
  2. Cropped trousers-pipes look more feminine and at the same time strictly than jeans, so they are suitable for creating an office image or a set for going to school.
  3. Prefer feminine images? Then experiment with skirts of different styles. Choose a sexy pencil model, a straight cut, knee-length skirt or maxi. But remember that the hem should not be completely closed. The scarcely visible strip is also not beautiful.
  4. Wear a short-sleeved shirt with shorts.
  5. Fashionable transparent shirt can be used as an interesting addition to the already formed set, for example, to a T-shirt and jeans, top-bustier and skirt, a sleeveless blouse and classic shorts.
  6. A shirt can replace a cardigan if you throw it over a T-shirt or T-shirt. Buttons can be left unbuttoned or partially closed. You can also wear a piece over a simple cotton or knit dress.
  7. An elongated shirt of breathable, lightweight and translucent fabric can be used instead of a beach tunic and worn with a swimsuit.
  8. On a cool summer evening, put on a waistcoat, which can be either shortened, or of medium length, or at the level of a shirt or covering it.
  9. In spring or autumn, when the weather is no longer “whispering”, you can put a shortened leather jacket, a cardigan of the same length or even longer on the shirt, a park, an elongated cape, a poncho.
  10. Have you got a long opaque shirt that is mid-thigh, knee-length or lower? Turn it into a trendy dress. In the summer, show your legs, and in late autumn and winter wear tights, but certainly thick. Strap that can contrast with the main color will help to emphasize the waist and give a feminine look.
  11. It is believed that leggings have long gone out of fashion, but this is not entirely true. If you wear them with a fully extended buttocks and part of the thighs shirt and pick up shoes above the ankles, then such a thing will replace pants or tights and will not look ridiculous or vulgar.

We select shoes and accessories

Women's long shirt is universal and in terms of combination with shoes.In the summer it can be worn with sandals, sandals and even beach shale. In the warm spring, consider options such as shoes (stiletto pumps or models with a steady heel), mules, ballet flats.

For cooler weather, loafers, oxfords, brogues, ankle boots are suitable. In late autumn and winter, with an elongated shirt, you can wear boots, but it is better on a flat run, wedge or steady heel. And it is desirable to choose models with not too narrow tops.

You can complete the image with accessories. First pick up a handbag: it can be a capacious shopper, a strict envelope or feminine clutch. If appropriate, use a belt: thin or wide, performing the function of a kind of corset.

And if you are ready for experiments and surprised looks, then choose a brave accessory - a sword belt. You can also experiment with headdresses (for example, youth hats) and decorations: bracelets, choker, beads, pendants.

If you still do not have a long shirt, then be sure to purchase it and create stylish images!

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