How to wash the paint from the hair at home - 7 ways

Girls like to carry out bold experiments with their appearance. In pursuit of beauty, they use a non-standard make-up, make bold haircuts, change hair color. Not always the end result justifies the expectations. As a result, the question arises, how to wash off the hair from the hair in the home.

The irresistible desire to be charming and irresistible pushes the girl to bold steps. Usually the victim of such experiments are the hair, which are subjected to regular coloring, cutting and styling.

Unfortunately, this situation is not very pleasant. This especially applies to young ladies who dye their hair themselves. Even the employees of the salon will not provide an absolute guarantee that the result will absolutely meet the requirements.

What if the new hair color is not like? You can cut your hair short, try to grow hair, or buy a wig. You can do without these extremes.There are effective ways to wash the dye from the hair at home. Before the procedure of washing the paint does not hurt to get acquainted with some of the nuances.

  • The wash offered by beauty salons is extremely aggressive and can cause harm to hair. Therefore, it is better to wash off the paint using home remedies that are more benign.
  • Home remedies are extremely soft. To get a good result, you may need to repeat the procedure several times. You need patience.
  • Dark paint is very difficult to wash off. Often you have to simultaneously use several methods and carry out a whole series of sequential procedures. In general, at one time, it is realistic to wash off only a few tones of paint.
  • Usually, after the procedure, the hair color does not correspond to the natural shade. However, the remover will prepare the basis for regular hair coloring, but already with a properly chosen tool and the help of an expert.

In cosmetic stores sold professional hair remover, which is suitable for use at home. In such tools there is no ammonia and bleaching components.Removal of the wrong color is done delicately and does not harm the natural pigment of the hair and cuticle.

Specialized tools pull out artificial coloring pigment from the hair. This is due to the breaking of the bond between the dye molecules and the structure of the hair, as a result of which the dye is easily washed out.

To wash the old color requires several techniques. One procedure removes no more than three tones. Five or more procedures are required to completely remove the coloring matter.

The most popular and most effective washes Remake Color, Color Off, Backtrack.

How to quickly wash off the paint with hair folk remedies

Many beauties after an unsuccessful change in hair shade are sent to a beauty salon. They have to pay for the services of professionals. In addition, salon procedures provide extremely aggressive means.

Folk remedies are more sparing and affordable.

  1. . The effect of this beekeeping product on hair is reminiscent of hydrogen peroxide, only honey is more sparing. Cover the curls with heated natural honey and leave until morning. Before washing off the honey mask, rinse the hair with a composition of two glasses of water and two tablespoons of soda.This folk recipe provides for several procedures that do not damage the hair, promote a uniform flow of paint and fill the curls with strength and brilliance.
  2. Vegetable oil. To wash off the paint a large glass of sunflower oil combine with 30 grams of margarine. Warm up the mixture a little, and when cool, apply on hair. Then wrap the head with foil and carefully wrap a thick towel. After waiting two hours, rinse with shampoo. The technique is perfect to wash off the paint from red and blond hair.
  3. Kefir. The composition of this fermented milk product includes acid, destroying chemical compounds in the paint. Spread the hair with kefir and wrap the head with a film for two hours. One procedure brightens the tone. Repeated recipe does not harm the hair.
  4. Laundry soap. My friend shared this technology of paint washing. During the tests she showed an excellent result. To wash off the paint, wash the hair with laundry soap in several approaches, carefully washing it with water. After the procedure, the hair is treated with balm. If this is not done, they will become stiff and dull.
  5. Mayonnaise. Four spoons of mayonnaise steamed and combined with a spoonful of vegetable oil. Then cover the hair with the composition and leave for two hours, wrapping your head with a film and a scarf. Rinse off with shampoo, then rinse with water with the addition of fresh lemon juice.
  6. Coca Cola. A popular drink will be useful in a situation where the color after staining turns out to be extremely saturated. To partially wash off the paint, apply Coca-Cola to the strands for 20 minutes and rinse under a stream of warm water.
  7. . The methods described above do not work with dark paint. Solve the problem of baking soda. One hundred grams of soda combined with a pinch of salt and diluted in a glass of heated water. Using a sponge or cotton pad, apply the wash onto the strands and, after wrapping your head with a towel, wait 40 minutes. Then carefully wash the head and apply a regenerating mask.

Before using home washings, I recommend making sure that their ingredients do not cause allergies. To do this, apply a couple of drops of the drug on your forearm and wait 2 hours. When a burning sensation or redness appears, it is better to refuse to use the product.

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The effectiveness of the procedure depends largely on effort, adherence to the technology of washing and the condition of the hair.The hostess of thick hair for washing off the paint will have to spend several sessions. On the damaged and weakened hair dye keeps less.

Undoubtedly, washing the house will take more time than in the cabin. But, folk remedies are completely safe, do not leave burnt curls and yellowness. Home masks feed, make shiny and healthy hair.

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And another tip. If you do not want to face the problem again, let professionals paint your hair. To conduct such procedure at home I recommend only shade means, for washing off which one washing of a head is required.

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