How to untangle hair?

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How to untangle hair?

Every girl at any time of the year wants to remain irresistible. Hair, as one of the components of the appearance should also be in order, but the factors of the urban environment: dust, dirt and wind cause some damage to the hair structure, which causes them to become entangled. Tangled hair does not look very attractive, and others may think that you have not washed your hair for a week. But if, nevertheless, this situation has not bypassed you, do not be discouraged. In this article you will learn how to untangle hair.

How to untangle hair

In order to unravel the hair stylists advise:

  • Use for combing voice comb with rare teeth, rather than a massage comb. The fact is that it is peculiar to her to create knots in her hair, which contributes to permanent entanglement.
  • Try to comb wet hair, pre-treated conditioner. It will make them obedient. Untangle your hair with your fingers, and go for a comb. If you unravel dry hair, then there is a very big chance to damage it.
  • It should begin to unravel the hair from below, gradually rising higher. This technique avoids the creation of new nodes, and successfully unravel the hair.
  • You can also unravel the hair during washing. After you have washed them with shampoo, you should apply a conditioner in large quantities, and without washing it off, gently comb the head of hair with a scallop with wide teeth.

How to untangle much tangled hair? The answer is pretty simple. Try to unravel the individual small strands. It may take quite a lot of time, but you will get excellent results. In addition, this method will allow you to concentrate on a specific problem area, without being distracted by other strands.

Professionals also recommend using various sprays, conditioners, creams and balms specifically for tangled hair. They, in addition to helping to unravel the hair, also prevent their further entanglement. Do not forget to carefully read the instructions before using the tool, and try to determine the optimal dose of cream or balm. If you overdo it, then the hair will appear greasy and untidy.Otherwise, the agent may not have the desired effect.

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