How to unscrew a loosened screw - 7 ways

How to unscrew the loosened screw - 7 ways
The problem of the loosened faces of the screw for a Phillips screwdriver has long been known to all. How to get out of this situation and turn out the broken screw, there are few solutions. I will only offer you seven that I personally had to use.

How to unscrew the locking screw?

Unfortunately, there is no almost universal solution. And each presented method is good for its situation. Therefore, everything is known in comparison and applied to a specific individual situation and your own screw.

First method: use a harness

You will need a piece of thick rubber. This may be a piece of medical cord, a piece of camera from a bicycle, or the like. The tighter and harder the material, the greater the twisting force can be created. Berm a screwdriver that is as close as possible to the screw groove.
How to unscrew a screw screw withharness
Take a harness.
 How to unscrew the locking screw with a harness
We put the harness under a screwdriver or a bit and insert it all into the locked Next, with simultaneous pressure and rotational motion, we are trying to turn the screw.
 How to unscrew a loosened screw with a harness
With a properly applied force, you can unscrew the screw with a significantly screwed in force.

The second way: how to unscrew the screw with a impact screwdriver

If you have an impact screwdriver (or ask your friend), you can use it.
 How to unscrew slicked screw with a impact screwdriver
Of course, the screw can not be completely unscrewed, but the joint can be loosened significantly, and then we can use a conventional screwdriver.
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The third way: we use a special bit for bolts with cut-off crosses

Since the problem of the licked edges is not new, ready-made solutions are on the market for a long time.For example - a special bit for loosening the loosened bolts.
How to unscrew the lapped screw with a special bit
Insert it into a screwdriver or a screwdriver and unscrew it. The sharp edges at the right angle perfectly engage and the screw can be rotated.
How to unscrew the lapped screw with a special bit

The fourth way: extractor

Special tools designed to repair broken screws, pins, bolts and the like - is an extractor. It works the same as the bit in the example above, but with a slight difference. We insert the nozzle into the screwdriver and unscrew. It may be necessary to first select the extractor for a recess, since the diameters of the heads are different.
How to unscrew the lapped screw with an extractor
How to unscrew the lopped screw with an extractor

The fifth way: twist the left drill

On sale, in addition to all the usual drills, there are also drills with the left by the spiral.Such a drill can be used as a tool for unscrewing a broken screw.
How to unscrew the loosened screw using the left drill

The sixth method: use a core

This method is well suited for loosening screws of small sizes. We take the core, we rest it on the edge of the cap at an angle of about 45 degrees and hit it gently with a hammer in the direction of the cap rotation.
How to unscrew a loosened screw with a core
Kern, because of its sharpness, has a good hold, which means that the screw is more likely to succumb to unscrewing.
How to unscrew loosened screw using core

The seventh method: take a hammer and a chisel

The method has become classical, but it is problematic to use it for small screws. Take a chisel or chisel, remove the tip of the cap with the edge and gently striking, turn the screw. Here the main thing is that the cap is moved, and how it will seem, the unscrewing can be continued with pliers.
How to unscrew the loosened screw with a hammer and chisel
Friends, it will be very cool if you share your own ways how to get out of such a life situation.Thank you for your attention!

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