How to unlock your Nokia phone

How to unlock Nokia phone photoHow to unlock Nokia smartphone

Nokia smartphone



The problem of unlocking from Nokia phones is one of the most common. The task can be solved in several ways, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages and depends on the phone model to be unlocked.

You will need:
- NSS;
- Phoenix;
- Nokia Unlocker;
- card reader;
- THC-Nokia-Unlock.mdl


Use the simplest method of unlocking the phone from Nokia - the master code (Unlock code), which is a certain sequence of 10 digits, generated by the IMEI of the phone. (International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) - a unique international phone number.)


Enter the value * # 06 # to determine the IMEI number on the phone and use the free services of master code generation, widely represented on the Internet.


Try to unlock the lock using an alternative application Nokia Unlocker - transfer the folder THC-Nokia-UNLOCK.mdl to the memory card and save it in the E: \ System \ Recogs package.


Insert a memory card into your mobile device and power onapparatus.


Enter 12345 when prompted for a password and disable the lock feature in the phone settings.


Delete the downloaded THC-Nokia-Unlock.mdl file and format the phone.


Download and install NSS and Phoenix applications to perform the unlock operation of your Nokia phone using one more method.


Begin the procedure for flashing the mobile device in Dead Mode and wait for the device to go into Local Mode when the program reaches 100%.


Interrupt the procedure for flashing the phone and run the NSS application.


Select the Scan for new devices b option and go to the Phone Info tab of the application window that opens.


Select Permanent Memory and enter values:
- 35 - in the Start field;
- 308 - in the End field.


Apply the checkbox in the To File field and click the Read button.


Determine the path to the required Password Manager file at the end of the log and launch the Nokia Unlocker application.


Specify the previously defined path and click "Define".


Use the “Security Code” line to restore the required password value and return to the NSS program.


Click the Fbus Info tab and select the Normal option.


Press the Change button and wait until the Nokia phone restarts automatically.


Enter the received code.


The effectiveness of the methods described above depends on the model of a specific Nokia phone.

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