How to transfer childbirth

Most of all frightens the unknown. Therefore, arm yourself with information. It is better to get it in courses that prepare for childbirth. Psychological, physiological features of pregnancy, stages and biomechanics of the generic process - you will learn about it from experts, you can ask questions, understand all the nuances and ambiguities.
Many are extremely afraid of birth pain. Yes, it can not do without. But she is not an enemy to you, but an assistant: the intensity of pain shows what stage of labor you are going through. Strengthening contractions, for example, suggests that the baby is about to be born. Of course, there are pain relief methods. In the same courses, you will learn how to breathe and relax properly, and learn how to harmonize your generic activities with your voice. It is harmful to be silent or heart-rending to shout - this only hinders the opening of the cervix and leads to loss of strength. Tune in to the fact that the pain must be taken, do not waste your strength in fighting it.
To calm down, choose a maternity hospital, visit it, learn about the conditions, about the approach to the management of labor. To make the situation familiar, you can go there several times.If there is an opportunity, select in advance and the doctor who will give birth, ask him about everything that interests you, share your doubts and concerns.
Tune in to a successful birth, think positively. Stop the terrible tales of unimaginable suffering, terrible conditions in maternity hospitals. You will not throw a handkerchief on each rotok, be realistic, evaluate the situation objectively, and not on the basis of idle chatter and rumors.
In all details imagine the near future: a beautiful, rosy-cheeked baby in your arms, feeding him, swaddling, lullabies over the crib. Right, it is worth a little patience for this to come true.

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