How to tie the pattern "Corn" knitting?

Many people do not know how to knit beautiful things, but even more would like to know how to do it. What can I say, science is not complicated, requiring only care and some knowledge. In order to tie up some little thing you should study not only the basics of mating, but also the schemes of various patterns. For example, the “Corn” pattern is very popular. It is used for knitting bootees, hats for newborns, sweaters, outerwear and even interior items.

The popularity of the pattern "Corn" is fully justified. Compared to others, it looks unusual and attracts a lot of attention. The thing is that this pattern is created in the process of taking the loops. This means that in the process of mating you do not knit the seam loop, and remove them, resulting in an interesting and extremely durable canvas.

How does corn knit?

Before you start mating, try to present the whole process from A to Z.You need to remember that the pattern "Corn" consists of four rows. You will knit some of the loops, some of them will be removed, and you should constantly move the working thread past the canvas, now before. At the same time, it should always be stretched from the wrong side.

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