How to successfully pass an interview? We ask the experts

And here I am so young, ambitious and very pretty I came for an interview and gave out all my preparations. And the employer is clearly hooked. Even too much. At the 15th minute of our conversation, uncomfortable questions began about my husband, family relations, money, etc., etc. And what do you think? This nut crazed me for a year. I called five times a day. Wrote sms: “Julia, pick up the phone”, “Julia! Answer me! ”This continued until I changed the telephone number. As I remember, I tremble. But seriously, an interview is an exam. And our future and the well-being of our family may depend on this exam. How to make a good impression on the employer at the first meeting, thank God, there are a lot of benefits. And do not neglect them, because competition in the labor market today hoo ...

It is important to remember the following rules:

  • Come for an interview need to be prepared. You must understand where and why you are going.It would be nice to know who will be interviewing you, what this person is doing, what it is. You need to be ready to answer uncomfortable questions. For example: “Why in the last three years have you changed several places of work?”, “How much money do you want?”, Etc. You must answer honestly and directly. In order not to waste my time and not to deceive the expectations of the employer. You are adults. And it's not worth talking about former employers in a negative context. Bad tone.
  • Be open. Ask questions! Be interested in the affairs of the company. Psychologists say that most of all the employer in the claimant to the workplace is attracted not so much by work experience, as by ENTUSIASM! But do not overtighten the blanket. Learn to listen!
  • Dressing up for an interview is in a consistent tone. In terms of clothing, if you make mistakes, then only to the conservative side. Not the other way around. You can stand out with a bright bag and accessories.
  • DO NOT DROP. And it is not discussed.
  • Psychologists do not recommend sitting opposite the employer. Better on the side. And even better - on the left side. This is how the laws of NLP work. If this opportunity was not presented and you still sat opposite each other, then you do not need to cross your arms and legs. Be as open as possible.Try to quietly "mirror" the movement of the interlocutor.
  • Let the employer know what the company can be useful for and why this place should be yours. When you talk about your successes, do not hesitate to pronounce the pronoun “I” rather than “we”. “I have achieved such and such results”, “I developed this project”, etc.
  • Talking with the authorities should not be ingratiating, but simply in a respectful tone. Benevolently.
  • In order to overcome the excitement, it is enough to pick up a pen and notebook. And do not forget about breathing. Calm deep breaths and exhalations help relieve tension.

Well, now we turn to your questions.

Angelina, 25 years old, Moscow

I pass the interview in one large company in several stages. Yesterday the director of the department talked to me. And he suggested that I "talk more in detail about the work process" at dinner. In the restaurant. I got lost. I am a married woman, I have a small child. Should I agree to such a proposal? I heard about business lunches and breakfasts.

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