How to stop the development of cataracts

Is it possible to stop the development of cataracts

At the earliest stage of cataract, visual disturbance is negligible. In some, the development of the disease can last for years, in others the deterioration of the condition of the eyes goes at a rapid pace, the lens more and more losing its transparency. In most cases, a cataract develops asymptomatically, often the patient gets an appointment with a doctor only after there are difficulties in distinguishing the details of objects.
You should know that there are no drugs that could restore the transparency of the lens, because this process is an irreversible change in protein at the molecular level. The development of cataracts can only be stopped, provided timely treatment is started at the initial stage of the disease. The course of the disease cannot be slowed down if, according to indications, the patient needs to take miotics, steroid hormones, which are often used in the treatment of another eye disease, glaucoma.Antidepressants, purine derivatives, diuretics, thyroid hormones, and antibiotics of a number of tetracyclines have a less pronounced negative effect.Prolonged drug treatment can lead to the fact that double the load on a healthy eye will contribute to the deterioration of his condition.

How to treat cataracts

In order to suspend the course of cataracts, special eye drops are widely used that can slow down the development of pathology. In fact, these are vitamin preparations; they contain, in addition to vitamins, amino acids, microelements and enzymes. When cataracts are often prescribed the following drugs: "Quinax", "Senkatalin", "Katahrom", "Vitiodurol." Their systematic use improves the feeding of the lens and retards the development of the disease. The ophthalmologist must pick up the drug, he must also decide for whom it is necessary to use this drug.In selecting a medication, the specialist takes into account the nature of lens opacification, the cause of the disease, concomitant diseases, and individual patient characteristics.
Since in many cases the cataract develops slowly, often the doctor may recommend replacing the glasses with stronger ones as the vision weakens. If the vision deteriorates rather quickly, the operation becomes inevitable. This is the only effective treatment for a disease. Modern technology allows you to remove cataracts of any maturity. Working people of middle age who have difficulties in work and in everyday life due to the development of pathology, in no case can we wait until the process reaches a certain stage, it is necessary to undergo the procedure of surgical intervention as soon as possible.

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