How to shorten the bolt

Practical advice and useful trick, how to shorten a bolt, stud or screw. The fact is that if you cut the thread in the usual way, then tighten the nut back on the thread will not work. All this is due to the fact that the threaded turns are crushed.
How to shorten the bolt correctly
To avoid this, there is a simple way out.

You will need

  • A bolt, stud or screw that must be cut and shortened.
  • Nut, 1-2 pcs, with the same thread.

We cut off the bolt, stud or screw correct

So, I will take a screw for example. Marker notice the place to cut. Measuring with a ruler.
How to shorten the bolt
Screw 1-2 nuts on the bolt for the applied risk. In general, the nuts should be on the side, which you will need later.
How to shorten the bolt
Now cut off. Depending on the thickness, this can be done in severalways:
  • Bite off with nippers.
  • Cut with a grinder.
  • Saw with a hacksaw.
  • Clamp in the screwdriver and rotate the bolt saw off with a hacksaw.
  • Or in another way.
Choosing you is not important.
How to shorten the bolt
I bit off the pliers, because the screw is thin. Of course this is the roughest method, but the fastest.
How to shorten the screw correctly
Now hold the nut with pliers and turn the screw with a screwdriver. This is the whole trick: after turning the nut, it will straighten all the threads on the cutting tip.

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