How to sew Drakonchik of cloth with their own hands

Dragon fabric with their own handsMake a dragon yourself

It is always nice to do something for children, especially if it is a toy with their own hands. And sweeter when you do it with your child. Try to sew together a dragon from fabric. If you have a lot of time, you can concoct so that to make such a toy, different from those that are sold in stores. Recall, we have previously considered how to sew a dragon costume to a child by ourselves.


How to sew dragon



In order to sew the dragon of the fabric with your own hands, you will need patterns. You can find them or draw them yourself. Do not rush to transfer everything to the fabric if the pattern is on cardboard or paper. Since they can be typos or errors, you need to check everything carefully.


We offer to sew the dragon on this pattern from the site



Pattern dragon photo

Dragon pattern


As a result, you can sew a dragon like this for this pattern:


How to sew Drakonchik of cloth with their own handsHow to sew a dragon dragon yourself


How to sew Drakonchik of cloth with their own handsHow to sew a dragon


Another way to sew the dragon.



It is best for you to use fabrics that are soft, namely: velor or fleece. The color of the material should be green and yellow. You will also need to use a dark green felt - it will have a scallop, threads of the same color as the fabric, and two black beads are the eyes. What will you do from green tissue: trunk 2pc., Arms 4pc., Feet inner part 2pc., Lateral part of head 2pc., Middle of head 1pc., Two wings, two ears and feet. Of yellow fabric: stomach 2pc., Two wings, two ears and one of them with a tail. One comb back and tail is made of felt.


Next, you need to sew all these parts one by one so that all the elements and colors of the fabrics are each in its place. Once you have done this, you should fill the toy with cotton, or with a sintepon to give it the right shape. But you should know that the ears and wings do not need to stuff. You just need to resemble a dragon's wing to sew them into a vein. On the arms and legs can be done with threads utyazhki. So you highlight areas of the fingers. In addition to all this, a wire can be inserted into the tail, so that it can be bent and placed in the correct position.


In addition, you can make a Chinese dragon.You will need: red cloth 40 to 70, wooden stick 45cm, stapler, scissors, cardboard, acrylic paints, gum and egg packing. Cut off the top of the cardboard box and cut it in half, and the bottom part needs to be divided into 6 cells. These two cells will have your eyes with your toy. A red cloth form in the form of scales. To the top of the head, fasten the eyes with a stapler. Then also connect the upper and lower parts of the head. Cloth fold in half and secure with an elastic band. Where the fabric is sewn with an elastic band, insert a stick. And wrap the other side around the head and fasten it with a stapler.


And the elements for the head, beard and mustache are made separately from cardboard. For this, you take a color cardboard. For the tail it will be necessary to cut out two forms and glue along the edges together with each other. But the bottom edge should be left unglued. After you insert a fabric with an elastic band and a stick into this hole and glue it. now you know how to sew a dragon out of cloth yourself.

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