How to sew a blouse?

The most popular item of women's toilets is a blouse. Women, girls and girls wear it. And all of them from time to time are interested in how to sew a blouse and which style to choose for it.

She is romantic, with ruffles and ruffles or strict, with simple lines. It can be a rustic-style blouse, wide enough and decorated with embroidery or, on the contrary, sexy, decorated with transparent inserts from a grid or guipure, the style of a bat. Let's talk in this article about how to sew a blouse with your own hands.

General rules for sewing blouses

  • You need to choose for sewing blouses light blouse fabric, for example, cambric, crepe-satin, knitwear, chiffon, crepe de Chine, viscose and so on. Answering the question how to sew a chiffon blouse, let's say that you need to consider the following. If you do not have tailoring skills, then it is not necessary to start sewing goods from such fabrics, because they are difficult to process. Need for this specific skills and abilities.

So, how to sew a blouse.

  • In the fashion magazine, select the model you like the blouse. Copied using tracing paper pattern, which corresponds to the desired size. The fabric is folded in half inside the face. The pattern unfolds on the seamy side.Contours are encircled by tailor’s chalk. It is necessary to leave allowances for seams 1.5 cm on all sides. Sharp tailors' scissors to cut out the details of the blouse.
  • Sweep darts, sides and shoulders. Seam allowances try not to sew, so that it is easier then to stitch on a sewing machine without removing the tags.
  • Sweep the sleeve and stitch it with a basting by hand in the armhole. Try on a blouse. Adjust, if necessary, the thing in accordance with the figure. Grooves, side and shoulder seams can be enlarged or reduced. Corrections are fixed with English pins. Next you need to sweep away all the seams on the fixes and try on again. If the fit of the blouse suits, it can be sewn on a sewing machine.
  • Tuck stitch. Iron on one side. Sew side and shoulder seams. Allow to cut off up to 1 cm and work with an overlock stitch or zigzag stitch. Iron them on the back.
  • Further, by analogy, to process the sleeve and stitch it into the armhole. Cut off the seams of all seams close to the stitch, sweep them together and iron the sleeves to the side.
  • To process a mouth. If there is no collar, then you need to sew a one-piece slanting inlay or sew a one-piece facing.Unscrew it on the wrong side and hem manually with a secret stitch. Pouring iron.
  • If you need to sew a collar, you should fold the details of the collar facing each other and mark the middle line. Slices stitch on typewriter. Cut corners close to the line and turn them to the front side. Iron the part. Stitch the collar into the neckline, connecting the middle of the back and the collar. Tighten and sew allowance on the inside of the collar.
  • Bottom of the product 2 times to tuck and zastrochit typewriter. Finished blouse ironed. Remove basting.

Peasant style blouse

Answering the question of how to quickly sew a blouse, say, sew a skirt in a peasant style. Even a beginning dressmaker can do such a blouse, it will take a couple of hours. This blouse is combined with jeans and trousers and skirt.

Next, we learn how to sew a peasant-style blouse.

  • Choose a fabric. Both monophonic, and fabric with a flower ornament will approach. Cotton fabrics such as batiste or poplin are preferable. But, of course, if it is made of viscose, silk or chiffon, the effect will be much more.
  • Take measurements.Measure arm and chest circumference, sleeve length and product.
  • The pattern of paper is not necessary to do, cut is made directly on the fabric. It is necessary to draw 4 rectangles, back, front and two sleeves. For the shelves and the backrest there are rectangles, the width of which will be? chest girth and free fitting 10-15 cm plus. The length will be equal to the desired length of the product.
  • For sleeves, rectangles are cut, the length of which will be the desired length. Width is the girth of the hand and 10-20 cm plus. It depends on how loose the sleeve is.
  • Sleeves sew. Fold the face side in half and complete the side seam. Leave 10-15 cm for armhole. To cut a cut overlock stitch. Wrap over the bottom of the sleeves and sew lace on it.
  • Sew side seams front and shelves, leaving 10-15 cm unstitched. To process seams overlokom.
  • Attach the sleeves to the back and shelf. Split pins and stitch. The cuts are machined with an overlock stitch.
  • The bottom edge of the blouse process. On the wrong side of the ironing allowance for the hem, sweep it manually. Sew on a sewing machine close to the edge. The bottom is also decorated with lace.
  • Drawn neckline.Lace is sewn along the cut. Elastic band is sewn to the neck for a good fit blouse. It should be attached to the seamy side of the product, tensioned and sewn with a narrow zigzag stitch.

Bat style

Thinking about how to sew a knit blouse, which style will look better, you should opt for a bat blouse. Very popular at all times and incredibly beautiful model. At the same time, it is easy to sew. The name of this she received because of the special cut of the sleeves.

We will understand how to sew a blouse bat. The pattern is made on the basis of measurements. For the back and front are the same parts. Allowances for stitches 1 cm. For neck 2cm.

  • Need knitwear, whose width will be 150cm. The length will be considered as follows: 2 product lengths and 40 cm for hem, cuffs and a belt, which is tied at the bottom.
  • The cuffs are rectangles, the height of which is 14 cm, and the length is the girth of the wrist, to which 6 cm is added, the seam allowances are included here.
  • The belt - its height is 14 cm, length is 150 cm, if the volume of the hips is up to 100 cm, or the length is 170 cm, if the volume is more than 100 cm.

As a result, you got a very original and incredibly beautiful thing that can compete with your rivals from boutique counters, and learned how to sew a blouse.

Shawl blouse

For many, the process of building patterns in sewing blouses is the most difficult. It turns out without a preliminary drawing, in some cases, you can do. For example, if you decide to sew a blouse from scarves. To do this, it will be enough to draw only 4 lines on the fabric.

It will take 2 square, large enough, a scarf. They must be the same size. Their length along the diagonal should be at least one meter. Scarves can pick up the same color, but can be different. Following the instructions set forth on the site, you can easily cope with the tailoring of such a blouse.

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