How to set up digital channels?

We live in the age of high technology, and all of them, as we know, are designed to make our lives as pleasant, comfortable and free as possible. Not spared the desire to make themselves and the world better, and the creators of television. Recently, digital and cable TV are in a hurry to replace cable and analog television. What are its advantages? Firstly, this is a huge number of TV channels, many times larger than the number of analog buttons. Secondly, DTV is always the perfect picture quality, which is not able to influence the bad weather and terrain features. Thirdly, the list of TV channels, the viewer can form on their own. This is why many people are interested in knowing how to set up digital channels.

Digital TV offers HDTV

HD, translated from English means "high definition." HDTV is a high definition television with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Analog TV has a resolution of 720 by 576 pixels. If you use a plasma or liquid crystal panel with a relatively large screen diagonal, the difference in picture quality will be more than obvious to you.

Connect to digital TV

Perhaps the only disadvantage of digital television is that they come to be used for a fee. Of course, the material costs of DTV are not so significant, but many of us are not happy with this new item of expenses in the family budget. But additional costs can be avoided, not denying yourself the pleasure of watching DTV. This is possible if you use free digital channels.

In order to use free DTV, you need to know how to set up digital channels. It is important to find out which broadcast standard is supported by your device and whether DTV broadcasts on it as a whole. There may be two broadcast standards - DVB-T or DBV-C.

Ways to set up free digital channels

  • Auto tune. It is carried out by remote control. You find the menu key and use it to bring up the context menu on the TV screen. Next, follow the steps: "Setup" - "Automatic Setup". As soon as the automatic setup process is complete, you will receive a list of digital channels.
  • Manual setting. To perform manual tuning, you must first find out the source data: the values ​​of frequencies, speeds and modulations for each channel.Then use the remote control, select the "Menu" button and bring up the context menu on the TV screen. Go through the items "Settings" - "Manual Settings". Selecting the “Manual Tuning” section, enter the digital channel values ​​specified by your provider into the cells. Press the "Save" button, thus you can start the process of searching and saving the channel you need in the TV memory. Perform this operation with each channel of digital broadcasting you need.

If your TV cannot find and set up free digital channels, the problem may be that the standards for broadcasting channels and the support of broadcasting by this device do not match. Also, the channels may simply be absent from the television network. Finally, channels can be encoded. In the case of channel coding, you need to purchase a CAM card from your provider.

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