How to serve a salad

SaladHow to file a salad

Salad can be served both before and after the main course of the order you will be prompted by the location of the salad fork.


In the usual American serving, only one knife is put on the table. Some Americans for some reason believe that it is intended solely for the main course, but not for salad. This is not entirely true. Of course, salads are usually cut very finely and the knife in this case is not needed, but if necessary, you can use this knife and when you eat a salad. When the main course is served, just ask for a clean knife.


If the salad is the main course, then you can use a table fork. But if the salad is served before or after the main course, you should use a salad fork. At formal receptions, a salad knife is always served: it is slightly smaller than a dining knife.


At the end of the meal, never put the plate away from you. Simply lay the knife and fork accordingly. The waiter will understand and remove the dishes.


Do not try to help the waiter, giving him a plate or glasses, if you are not asked to do so.


Rinsing bowl


After the main course and before the dessert, a bowl is rinsed for rinsing fingers; in it pour warm water and put a slice of lemon or a small flower. Such a bowl is placed in front of the guest, a napkin is usually put under it.


Just dip your fingers in the water and wipe them off with a napkin. After that, rearrange the bowl and napkin to the left, the waiter will immediately remove them.





Dessert is eaten with a special spoon and fork, they lie behind the main plate. You should put the fork to your left and the spoon to the right. If there is no dessert fork and spoon, then they will be brought with dessert. Ice cream is eaten only with a spoon; cake with fruit mashed potatoes and a fork. In European style, the spoon is held in the right hand, and the fork, teeth down, in the left.


Sometimes fresh fruit and cheese are served as dessert. These dishes are eaten with a knife and fork.

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