How to send a mat?

Marina Nazarenko
Marina Nazarenko
March 28, 2013
How to send a mat?

Many in the hearts can shout out something so abusive that they wouldn’t say in their normal state, others cannot say a word without words, which show not only their disrespect for others, but also bad manners. Before answering the question of how to send a mat, let's see what a mat is.

Mat is called the coarsest form of profanity in languages. It is believed that the mat - this is a phenomenon of purely Russian and close to him languages, but everyone knows a couple of mats from foreign films in other languages.

Send without mat

The use of the mat in public, according to the law of many countries, is regarded as hooliganism, for which you will have to pay a fine. Therefore, it is not necessary to introduce yourself into waste, and if you really really want to speak obscenely, here are a few examples of how to send a person without a mat.

  • Rearranging the syllables in obscene expressions, so the mat will no longer be perceived as abuse. For example: go on nat, zhyobok
  • The second option is for very witty people.You can show imagination and, one can say, literary talent. For example, in childhood, often used the phrase: "Go to the farm to catch butterflies."
  • You can send to where you came from.
  • Or another option - go to X, an igrik and the eleventh letter of the alphabet.
  • You can send the offender in an erotic tour.

How to send without a mat, completely without a mat is already more difficult, but realistic.

For example, you can politely say that you do not want to communicate with this person, because his worldview has not yet developed to the level of an intelligent and sensible person.

Another option is when you are betrayed, and you want to somehow hurt the offender. Tell him that he absolutely fulfilled his purpose on the planet - he did it meanly and ugly, the mission was completed, the balance of evil and goodness was restored.

And you can also give you a recommendation to familiarize yourself with the works of V. Sinelnikov, who is positioning a positive attitude towards the world. Everything that happens to us, we called ourselves by our actions or thoughts. And if someone brought you to the point that there was a desire to shout insulting swearing, stop, think about why it happened. We ourselves create the world around us.

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