How to see the MAC address

Use the "Network Connection Properties" component of the operating system to see the MACaddressnetwork card. In Windows XP, to launch it, first open the main menu on the "Start" button, go to the "Settings" section and select "Network Connections". In Windows Vista and Windows 7, first launch the control panel from the main menu on the “Start” button, click the “Network and Internet” link, select “View network status and tasks”. The "Network and Sharing Center" window will open, in which you should select "Manage network connections". So you get access to the list of network connections.
Select from the list of connections the one that belongs to the network card you need, right-click and click on the “Properties” item in the context menu - this action is the same in each of the three listed operating systems.
Click the Details button if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7. In Windows XP, this action should be replaced by switching to the Support tab and clicking the Details button.As a result, an informational window will open in each of these operating systems, where, in the line “Physicaladdress"And will be written by MACaddressnetwork card.
Another way is to use the ipconfig utility. It works on the command line, so first press the key combination WIN + R or select the "Run" option from the main menu. Type cmd in the input field and press Enter - this is how you start the command line emulator terminal.
Type ipconfig / all and press Enter. The utility will display a long list of various data, among which will be MAC-addressin the line “Physicaladdress».
The third way is to just watch the MACaddresson the network card box.

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