How to repair car battery with baking soda

Hi friends! Today I want to tell you another simple and effective way to extend the life of your old battery. We all know that the lead-acid battery is not eternal. And even if you carefully follow him, sooner or later he will still fail. The reason for this is the sulphation of the plates, as a result of which the battery loses its capacity and is no longer capable of performing the specified functions. I want to clarify that the method described below is suitable only for zasulfated batteries. It is not suitable for batteries with closed or swollen banks, with sprinkled plates, etc.

Explicit signs of plate sulphation

The most obvious sign is that the battery does not hold a load. That is, when measuring the voltage at the terminals, the voltmeter shows a fully charged battery,and when the load is connected, the voltage drops significantly. The second sign is a fast self-discharge. For example, you did not use the car of the day 3. Come to the garage and try to start. And the battery is very discharged, that even the electronics do not show their values.
How to restore car battery with baking soda
All these phenomena do not occur immediately, but come gradually, usually after 3-5 years of battery life.

Car battery recovery

The first step is to measure the initial voltage.
How to restore a car battery with baking soda
Next, we will do a load fork test.
How to restore a car battery with baking soda
I have already noticed an increase in self-discharge, so today it is completely discharged. It is not a big deal to check the electrolyte density.

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