How to repair a box machine

To avoid a premature breakdown of the automatic box, avoid fast driving, sharp turns and braking, other rough maneuvers on the road. Cars with automatic transmissions are designed for city driving, that is, for quiet and uniform movement. The appearance of sharp shocks when switching speeds should alert the driver. When driving at high speed, an unexpected jolt can lead to loss of control and an accident. Even rare single shocks say that the gearbox needs repair.
Before you start repairing the automatic box, purchase all the necessary repair kits for this (which ones will fit your car, you will be prompted in the auto parts store). The repair itself is best done by two people, but if you fix the car on a lift or put it on a viewing pit, as well as install wheel chocks,you can handle it alone. Under the hood, be sure to remove all parts and other objects that prevent unscrewing the bolts. Use for this special hexagons or overheads, the use of surrogate tools that can spoil the heads of the bolts is not allowed. Before removing the automatic box, you should drain the oil from it or remove it as carefully as possible so that it does not start to pour out. The location of the mounting bolts depends on the make of the car: in some cars they are located in the flywheel housing, and in others near the torque converter.
After removing the box, flush the radiator off any oil residue. Itselfthe boxspeeds also rinse from dust and foreign bodies. Now find the cause of the malfunction mechanism. The main ones are the lack of oil and the failure of the torque converter. To solve the first problem, thoroughly flush the gearbox with old oil and fill it with new one. In the second case, the torque converter must be replaced with a new one. At the same time it is necessary to check whether both pins are in place. If one of them is missing, make a second one using the existing pin as a sample.The overall dimensions of both pins should be the same. Installing the box back, make sure that its body fits snugly to the torque converter. The order of tightening of the bolts and the force that should be applied to them is indicated in the repair documentation, and the measurement of the force of tightening should be done using a torque tool.

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