How to remove a virus from a flash drive?

Sergey Kascheev
Sergey Kascheev
August 14, 2012
How to remove a virus from a flash drive?

Flash drives are firmly established in our active life as a very convenient means for storing and transferring information. Ease of use contributes to the spread of all kinds of specialized viruses, i.e. created specifically for removable media and distributed with their help. Therefore, the question of how to remove a virus from a flash drive is very relevant.

  • The free program Anti-Autoran 4.1 has long established itself as a reliable tool for "curing" flash drives from the autorun virus. *. After launching, the program scans the root partitions of all disks, if necessary, removes the virus and creates an autorun.inf protection folder on the flash drive, which blocks the automatic launch of the virus on the flash drive. However, Anti-Autoran can not remove all possible viruses.
  • Antivirus program "Sharp Eyes" is able to detect viruses on flash drives, including previously unknown. The program is compatible with other antiviruses, does not update the anti-virus database. It keeps track of the autorun file and thus blocks the effect of the virus.The utility has several useful features, such as an exclusion list and the ability to recover deleted files. The program can also cope with viruses disguised as shortcuts and folders. The program "The Sharp-Sighted Eye" is distributed free of charge for residents of Russia and other countries of the former USSR. It is compact and fast.
  • Continuing the conversation on how to remove a virus from a flash drive, it is worth saying that such a reliable program as USB Disk Security deserves attention, which blocks the launch of automatically launched programs on a flash drive, analyzes the degree of risk and signals the user about danger. And the user is already deciding how to proceed further with this or that program. But, you can automatically delete potentially dangerous files. The program, depending on the version, has useful functions, for example, allows to allow writing to a USB flash drive only with a password. If the virus quietly lies on a flash drive and does not show up in autorun, then the program will not detect threats.

It is better to scan viruses that are quietly lying on a flash drive and are waiting in the wings with powerful paid anti-virus scanners like Doctor Web or Kaspersky.

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