How to really give up sweet: 10 tips

Fragrant buns, cakes, sweets, rolls, they seem to be created so that we get an unforgettable pleasure. But, in fact, they only bring harm to our body. And the sooner you realize this, the better.

How to refuse sweet treats if you can't imagine your life without it? All people who want to lose weight thought about it. They really spoil the figure, because it is very high in calories! But, not to say doctors and nutritionists, to resist the luxurious desserts is very difficult.

Sweet harm to our body, not only because it spoils the figure, it contributes to an increase in blood sugar levels, and this is fraught with serious trouble.

It’s only the first stage to make a difficult decision to refuse high-sugar foods, it’s much harder to keep your self-given words out and remove candy and cakes from your life forever. But nothing is impossible, even if you are an avid sweet tooth, you can overcome your addiction.

Top 10 Tips

1. Consult a doctor.If you physically can not control the amount of sweet foods you consume, this may indicate that your body has problems: with hormonal background, hemoglobin, metabolism. The doctor will give you recommendations on proper nutrition.

2. Stop adding sugar. Believe me, good tea will not be less tasty if you do not put 2 spoons of sugar in it. You drink 3-4 cups of tea a day, which is 8 spoons of sugar, not counting the cookies and sweets you will eat during the tea ceremony. At first, getting used to the lack of sugar in tea and coffee will be hard, they will seem very bitter, but if you want, you will succeed.

3. Strengthen willpower. For many people, it is easier to spend three hours in the gym than to give up sweets. But this is not an option. The next time you look at a delicious croissant, remember that it will distance you from the cherished dream of having a thin waist. Think carefully before you eat something.

4. Have breakfast necessarily. It is at this meal that our body gets everything necessary for a full existence during the day. If you eat breakfast correctly, you will not want to put the first chocolate in your mouth.

5. Observe the diet.Most often, when a person strongly wants to eat, he satisfies the hunger with sweets. This will not happen if you stop starving. To do this, eat 5-6 times a day. The portions should be small and no sugary products.

6. Do not mock yourself. If you are adamant in your decision to delete sweets from your life, do not torture yourself with campaigns in the confectionery. Sweets have a very pleasant smell, which absolutely everyone causes an appetite. Seeing dozens of desserts in front of you, it will be very difficult for you to control yourself. If you do not live by yourself and the partner does not want to exclude the sweet from his life, then let him keep his sweets in a distant locker, and not in a prominent place.

7. Love the fruit. Yes, they also contain sugar. But it is better to eat an apple than a chocolate bar.

8. Discard fruit juices. Here they most often do not have as much benefit as fruit. Producers, to improve the taste of the drink, add a lot of sugar. So it is better to give up juices.

9. Eat fresh foods. Often we add sugar in the process of cooking a variety of dishes. If you start eating more natural products, then not only enrich the body with the necessary vitamins, but also reduce the amount of sugar consumed.

10. Down with culinary recipes.This is the same temptation as a pastry shop. Seeing hundreds of baking recipes and desserts in front of you, you will certainly want to eat one of these.

It is possible to deprive yourself of sweets only on the condition that you are ready to control yourself. This is not easy to do. But in the end we eat to live, and not vice versa!

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