How to read eyes?

Ksenia Vilinskaya
Ksenia Vilinskaya
January 12, 2015
How to read eyes?

The look is a reflection of the soul. In the eyes can be read the whole range of emotions. You can also find out from them whether a person is interested in a conversation with you, whether you can trust him.

For example, you communicate, and the interlocutor looks you straight in the eye. That means he is listening to you carefully. A short eye contact is a concern on his part. And if he does not look into your eyes at all, then he is not involved in the conversation, but is immersed in his thoughts and, perhaps, does not listen to you.

To determine that a person is lying is not difficult if he tries to look away, just not to look into his eyes. However, too long contact "eye to eye", almost without blinking, can also talk about lies.

How to learn to read the direction of thoughts in the eyes

This is fairly easy to do. Human eyes are connected with the hemispheres of the brain "crosswise" - right to left, left to right. The left hemisphere is responsible for logic, memorization of facts; the right is figurative thinking. That is, fantasies, dreams come from the right hemisphere. And the direction of sight reflects where the thoughts are directed.

  • When the eyes are turned upwards to the right, a person presents, fantasizes a certain picture, his imagination works.
  • If the glance is directed to the left upper side, the person remembers the real picture, the visual image.
  • If the look is directed to the right - the person imagines some kind of non-existent sound. For example, ask your interlocutor to imagine how the chatterbox-bird sounds - the eyes will "go" to the right side.
  • The look is directed to the left side - this means that the interlocutor remembers the real sound image.
  • Look down in the right corner - I remember the impressions of a particular event.
  • If the eyes look in the lower left corner - the person thinks over what was said in the conversation, leads a dialogue with himself.

So you can determine the course of thoughts of your interlocutor - what players regularly use in card games. In life, this skill is also useful.

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