How to raise a child?

Probably, in secondary and higher educational institutions one should introduce the subject “Theory of parenting” for acquaintance or at least make free courses for those who wish. Raising a child is an art, it is a science that every parent fully or incompletely masters. Before you start talking about how to raise a child healthy mentally and physically, confident, happy, let's learn the basics of how education should be built, on what principles.

"Home Encyclopedia" offers 9 wise commandments for parents who want to learn how to properly raise a child. We invite you to read them in our retelling.

Commandments for parents

  1. Love your children as they are. The lack of love of parents for their child makes him deeply unhappy, lays a powerful foundation for an inferiority complex, low self-esteem and self-doubt. No matter how upset the child is and do not freak you out, do not allow yourself to shout at him, strike or say cruel or evil words.Praise your kid for his good qualities and achievements more often. Hug and kiss him, protect, indulge, but in moderation.
  2. Do not feel remorse if you can not give more to your child. The most that you can give is your unselfish love. Cortex yourself, if you can do something else for the child, but do not do or do not want to do.
  3. You have not done enough for the baby, if you have not done everything possible.
  4. Do not expect the child to be the same as you, or the way you want it to be. Every person, even a small one, is an individuality. Better help a child to become himself, to know the essence of his life.
  5. Do not humiliate children.
  6. Do not demand from the child recoil for their labors. He will grow up thanks to you and will do everything possible for his children. This is an irreversible natural law.
  7. Do not break on the child. He is not a whipping boy, but your child, who is not guilty of your problems. With such behavior you will only bring up a malicious and aggressive person or, on the contrary, sad, sullen and reserved.
  8. Be serious and understand the problems of the child and all that worries him. Remember yourself at his age: you were worried about the first three in algebra, and now she no longer cares about you.The child is also: he has not yet passed and has not felt the path that you have left behind. Give him the right to do so. Each problem is given according to his age and strength, so the child is no better than you. Support him.
  9. Treat someone else's child as you would like your child to be treated.

The main idea in education

How to raise a child correctly? Children are our continuation, this is an apple from our apple tree. They live with us all their childhood and a certain part of their youth, they learn the world and learn to live through us, we are an example to them. Children see - children repeat. Probably, you already guessed what I am getting at. The main idea of ​​education is that it is possible to raise a good child only by example. Want a healthy baby? Start your own sports, eat right and get enough sleep. The baby will see and repeat. Do you want an economic and neat child? Become such yourself, and only then ask the child to help you in the household. He will take with you an example.

Now let's talk about education more specifically.

How to raise a healthy baby

Give him an example of a healthy lifestyle. Stop drinking and smoking.While the child is small, spend often water procedures with him, temper him, carefully follow the regime and composition of his food, teach him to sleep at the same time. When the child becomes older, start together to engage in physical education, sports. You can give the child to any children's section - from sports dancing to taekwondo. Let him choose where he wants more. In middle-and-senior conscious school age, tell the child about the dangers and benefits of many things.

If in childhood you just decided for yourself what and how a child is, now it’s time to tell him why. Conversations about the basics of healthy lifestyles, healthy nutrition and sleep should be. Try to interest the child, to tell something interesting, to captivate and ignite in him the desire to live a healthy life. And then the strict "March to bed!" And "Quickly ate porridge!" Will not be useful. Also during this period, there must be confidential talks about smoking, alcohol and sex. At school, the child is influenced by peers who have their own values ​​and are not always healthy due to the lack of sufficient life experience.Your task is not to prohibit and threaten, but tell the child everything in such a way that he himself abandons his addictions. A girl at an older age can be told about how to maintain her beauty with the help of folk recipes, tell us what shop chemistry is harmful and how to choose the best from it (after all, it will be beautiful if she wants to).

Health is also a psychological concept. Talk with children about how to behave properly in different situations, build relationships with others, choose life values, etc. In general, everything related to health, beauty and psychology is exactly what is needed at this time. .

How to raise a child happy

Happy or unhappy people come from childhood. If you want your little man to live life happily, make his childhood happy! What does happy childhood mean?

  1. Sincere parental love makes a child happy. He must feel that he is loved the way he is.
  2. An opportunity to feel joy and pleasure. If possible, make your child a beautiful nursery, buy beautiful clothes and toys for him, take them to children's activities, etc.
  3. Do not be too hard on the child. Rarely what parent does not want a child prodigy. But this is not a reason to force the kid to sit behind the lessons for days and nights. Does he want to remember such a childhood? If the child is lazy about anything, use the “carrot and stick” method: “If you do your homework, you will get a chocolate bar.” Just do not get carried away with them too much, use them rarely, otherwise the child will develop a consumer attitude towards life, and he will not want to help anyone just because of good intentions.
  4. The child must feel that it means that they are interested. Talk with him on an equal footing, admire his successes and hobbies. He must feel that you need him.

How to raise a confident child

All recommendations from the previous column will also work here. What is confidence? This is calm, adequate attitude to life, correct self-esteem, belief in success and awareness of its importance.

To make the child confident, teach him to develop his point of view and protect it. For example, a daughter wants a new doll. In principle, you are ready to buy it, but you do not want to indulge in the simple, momentary desire of the child.Ask: “Why do you need this ETA doll? Why precisely she? If the child answers the simple: “To play”, do not give up, this answer is primitive. Say: “Well, you have a lot of other dolls at your house that look like this one. You can play with them too. Why do you need another one the same? Let him think. If you can adequately explain, and it will be a reasonable explanation, buy. So you will teach a child to think, think and understand what he needs and what does not. Always like this. And when he is older and smarter, talk with him more often about different things. For example, ask your child who is a friend. He will answer, and you will ask him to explain why he thinks that way. Thus, by creating a similar pattern of behavior, you can make the child think about what was said and defend his point of view.

How to raise a child leader

Build in him confidence both in himself and in what he says and does. How to do this, learn from the previous column. I would also like to say that not everyone has been born as a leader. Therefore, if a child is completely lacking leadership, then such is his nature. In this case, do not torment the child, but only cultivate a healthy self-esteem and an adequate attitude to the world.

Leadership in a child can develop the right choice. Play the game: the child is the boss, the parent is the subordinate. To do this, always leave the child the right to choose. You propose and explain, he chooses. For example, you buy any books. Before you choose: buy two cheap, but bright and colorful, or one big, not very beautiful, but with interesting tales. Tell your child about all the benefits of both products, and let him choose.

How to raise children without punishment

The child behaves badly and mischievously, because he does not understand the harm of his actions and behavior. To raise a child without punishing is to explain to him what he is wrong in and why. To tell in such a way that he realizes his guilt and never again did. But this method is good when the child is able to understand you. And if he is still very small?

There is no penalty here, but the question is how to choose a punishment. Let's say right away - with physical violence and humiliating speeches you will bring up a weak, embittered person who is afraid of everything. The best method is depriving someone you love for offense. For example, a child intentionally cramped a cat by its tail, it hurt her very much.This means that at night as a punishment mother will not read him a fairy tale. To the question: “Why?” Just explain the situation. So the child will understand that if he does bad things, he will be deprived of what he loves, and he will cease to behave this way.

And one more important note: Teach your child to say good words on time and to the place, be polite and apologize correctly.

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