How to quickly lose weight by the New Year?

How to quickly lose weight by the New Year

The closer the most anticipated and favorite holiday of the New Year is approaching, the greater the concern for the beautiful half of their figure. It's so eager to wear a beautiful dress and look amazingly spectacular! But what if you can wear it with great difficulty? Exit - quickly lose weight for the New Year. To implement this plan will require active efforts in several ways.

Catering for fast weight loss

According to nutritionists, 70% of weight loss depends on nutrition. Therefore, it is very important to achieve the cherished goal to try to eat properly. We list the main provisions that should be followed:

  1. Drinking mode - 1.5-2 liters of pure water per day. Be sure to - 1 cup immediately after waking up, the rest - during the day.
  2. To exclude flour, fat, sweet. These products are too high in calories, for weight loss, and for health, they are unacceptable.

    How to quickly lose weight by the New Year

  3. Fractional nutrition - 5-6 times a day in small portions. This is the most optimal mode in which the feeling of hunger will have no place.At the same time carbohydrates are better for breakfast, lunch can be carbohydrate protein, supper - protein and vegetable.
  4. The main emphasis is on simple dishes from meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fermented milk products. This method of cooking, like frying, is unacceptable, instead of it baking is used. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten raw.

How to quickly lose weight by the New Year

With this arrangement, you can easily lose 5-8 kg per month, which is 1-2 sizes. But this is possible when there is at least a month left until the New Year. If the time at your disposal is only 1-2 weeks, you will have to resort to heavy artillery - a diet.

Diets for quick weight loss

Many diets give a good and fast result, but it is rather difficult to sustain them. Although you can not do for the sake of beauty! The greatest weight loss is from mono-diets or significantly restricted in consumption. For example, buckwheat with kefir, Japanese diet, vegetable “Bonn soup”, etc. The main task - not to break, then a great result is guaranteed. All this time you need to think not about hunger and goodies, but about the upcoming holiday and your new figure.Such an extreme weight loss will help lose up to 10 kg per week.

How to quickly lose weight by the New Year

Physical culture, sport and other procedures

Diet is good, but it is much more effective and more useful to combine it with physical activity. It's time to go to the gym for training, do shaping, aerobics, yoga. Even in a couple of weeks your body will noticeably tighten. Bath and sauna - the first assistants in losing weight. After these procedures, the skin becomes elastic, and those extra pounds go faster. Do not forget about home remedies: wraps, massages, coffee and salt scrubs, etc. It is even better to use all of the above in the complex.

Pay maximum attention to yourself and your body, and you will be the most beautiful and irresistible on New Year's holiday.

How to quickly lose weight by the New Year

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