How to quickly lose weight at 35 pounds, or diet for animal lovers

For me, accustomed to being slim, it was very unusual and unpleasant to look at my chins in photos, to be ashamed of my body on the beach, to get used to my breath ... In the mirrors I simply did not recognize myself - some strange fat aunt looked at me! I limited myself to eating, tried to diet and exercise. Kilograms a few years did not think to leave me. And so, when I was completely desperate, I was saved ... love for animals!

Over the six months of veganism, I took off more than 30 extra pounds and regained my wonderful figure. In addition, my heart stopped aching, venous “stars” on my legs disappeared (which I couldn’t cure for twenty years), my memory improved (now I even remember all my dreams in the morning), terrible pressure drops disappeared (before I could faint fall due to low pressure, and now the weather has no effect on me) ...And, what was for me the most surprising, the monthly ones, which came earlier exclusively at their own request (once they were not held for six months) and were incredibly painful, began to arrive like hours! Every month, on the same day and nothing hurts! (about an hour of only unpleasant feelings at the very beginning and that's it).

My discoveries after switching to veganism:

1) Lose weight - it's very easy! How some vegans (especially athletes) hold and increase mass is a mystery to me. Probably, they just somehow make their own menu in a special way.

2) It is easiest to switch to veganism by watching thematic videos on the Internet (for example, in the social network) about what is actually happening at slaughterhouses, fur farms, etc. Any mentally healthy person (not enjoying the type of someone else's pain) and possessing at least a small share of consciousness after viewing will not be able to enjoy the fruits of such bullying.

3) A few years ago, the refusal of meat seemed to me something incredible. “What then is there?” I thought. Today in my diet there is no meat, fish, milk, honey and eggs, and I understand that there are still a huge number of delicious dishes in the world that I have not tried (but I am going to).

4) In the transition to vegetarianism, the body is cleansed of toxins and toxins, and this very well raises the immune system.

5) Vessels really strengthened. And this affects not only the health of the veins, but also the heart, memory, pressure and much more. In this regard, (among other things) increases stamina and improves well-being.

6) Additional sources of vitamins are not needed (I used to eat them) - the body perfectly absorbs all that it needs from plant foods. There is no shortage of protein, iron and other trace elements (as they usually like to frighten), if you make the right diet. But, of course, problems cannot be avoided if you chew only bread, potatoes and macaroni all day long.


1) An organism that consumes meat, fish, eggs and milk is not able to absorb trace elements from plant foods as well as a vegan body. It takes time to restructure, so carefully follow the preparation of the diet, especially in the first time after the transition. I refused gradually: first from meat, in a year - from fish, in six months - from milk, honey and eggs, while significantly expanding the range of plant foods in my diet.

2) When you come to an ordinary grocery store (there is no vegetarian in our city yet), the choice of products is small, and in catering establishments (especially in small towns) there is sadness in general. But you gradually get used to it.

3) Trips to public holidays (birthdays, weddings, etc.) at first look like a small test.

But believe me, all these difficulties are worth the result!


1) There are a lot of interesting vegan dishes on the internet. Try every day to prepare a new dish, do not be afraid to experiment!

2) Join the vegetarian community on social networks - in them you will find a lot of new and useful for yourself!

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