How to quickly get rid of heartburn at home

The fastest and most effective ways to deal with heartburn at home

Heartburn can torture even the most patient person, and if this unpleasant feeling arises after the New Year's table - the holiday seems spoiled and nothing can lift your spirits. You can overcome heartburn at home. Follow our advice!

How to quickly get rid of heartburn

If you can not tolerate severe heartburn, and want to quickly get rid of it, here are some effective methods.

  1. During the manifestation of an unpleasant symptom, drink a tablespoon of sunflower oil.
  2. Herbal tea quickly neutralizes stomach acid. Mix anise, wormwood, cumin and dill in equal proportions, brew tea. Drink at least two days from the onset of heartburn so that it does not return.
  3. Potato juice - an excellent tool to combat strong heartburn. Drink fresh potato juice of 100 ml each day. Course - 10 days. If desired, you can simply eat slices of raw potatoes.

How to get rid of sodas by heartburn

Soda is in every home, and it is effective in many cases. To get rid of heartburn, dissolve a teaspoon of soda in 300 ml of water and drink in one gulp. Do not use this method more than once a day, as you can disturb the acid-base balance in the digestive tract.

Soda for dealing with heartburn at home

Heartburn after the New Year's table

The holiday is over, and in the morning you woke up with an unpleasant sensation of heartburn? You can get rid of an unpleasant illness! Ask someone close to buy alkaline water at a pharmacy. Drink a glass in one gulp, repeat at least three times a day. It is worth making a reservation that it is impossible to use a lot of alkaline water, including self-made soda solution. The increased amount of carbon dioxide that is formed at the time of “quenching” can aggravate the situation.

Another simple way to quickly get rid of heartburn at home is a mixture of hypericum, chamomile and plantain. Ingredients can be purchased at a pharmacy or ask a grandmother-neighbor. We prepare the broth: 20 g of St. John's wort and leaves of plantain, 5 g of chamomile inflorescences are mixed and poured with boiling water. To accept inside on the table spoon three times a day.

Herbal tea for fighting heartburn in the home

Heartburn during pregnancy

How can a pregnant woman get rid of heartburn so as not to harm the baby? For starters, eat right. Do not overeat, especially late in the evening, but do not go hungry, have a hearty breakfast.You should abandon carbonated drinks, cigarettes and alcohol, fried and fatty. Instantly get rid of the burning sensation will help herbal decoction, for example, from mint. Drink mint tea immediately after heartburn occurs. But a decoction of fennel during pregnancy is not recommended to drink. </

How to get rid of strong heartburn: medication

If no methods have helped you, it is worth resorting to the use of drugs. Doctors pay attention to antacids such as Rennie. Such drugs quickly neutralize the acid in the stomach, however, this is a short-term effect. It is because of the formation of carbon dioxide during the “extinguishing of a fire in the gastrointestinal tract” that even drugs designed to help combat heartburn cannot be abused.

Medications for fighting heartburn at home

Maalox (Almagel) also refers to antacid drugs, and quickly reduces the activity of gastric acid. Doctors say: Maalox is contraindicated in pregnancy.

If you have heartburn, you can try the least extreme methods of struggle, but if your burning sensation does not disappear for a long time, contact a specialist for help. Do not self-medicate!

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