How to prune an apple tree young, old video

How to cut an apple tree, video

How to cut an apple tree, video

If you intend to create a beautiful and large orchard, then you should read the instructions on how to prune an apple tree. Buy a good seedling, plant and water it from time to time a little, you need to monitor how it develops and adjust the growth of the crown, so that it is the correct form. From this we will talk in this article.


How to prune an apple tree



We will not consider how to prune the bush-shaped apple tree. They are not so popular, and there are a lot of nuances. We will deal mainly with the questions of why pruning apples, what tools we need for this, and how to avoid common mistakes of novice gardeners.

Before we begin to study information about how to prune an apple tree, we will decide why we need to carry out such a procedure with it. It seems everything grows clearly and let them grow, the harvest gives.So here's what you need to prune apple trees:

  1. The crown of the apple tree was not too thick.
  2. Increase and control the power of shoot growth.
  3. The apple tree was not too tall.
  4. The apples did not crumble and become tastier and larger.
  5. The tree had more flower buds.
  6. The buds fed better, and more shoots were formed.
  7. The crown of the tree was convenient for picking fruit and further processing and was beautiful.
  8. For better penetration of sunlight into the depths of the apple crown.

When to prune apple trees?It is best to cut the apple tree in early spring, before buds begin to blossom. If you have already read the article on how to stop eating, then have already gone on a diet and gained enough strength to work in the garden. Trim all in one day is not necessary, but it is best to do before the beginning of April. If you constantly look after the apple trees, you can remove dry and dead branches all year round, even when the tree is bearing fruit.

It is possible to begin cutting the tree in ways that will be described below, when the tree has reached the age of 5-6 years. At this age, the tree is considered an adult and it can withstand such a procedure.Follow the tree from the first year, but it's not so difficult to describe it in detail. Just stick to the basic three principles that you need to stick to until the tree reaches the age of six years:


  1. The trunk can not be touched at all.
  2. Every year we cut all the branches and leave only a third of the length of the branch.
  3. The outermost bud on the branch that was cut should look outwards.
How to cut an apple tree, video

How to prune pruned young apple-shaped apple trees


Just follow these simple rules and you will know how to properly prune a young apple tree, and the crown will be formed correctly. Also, if you are growing vegetables, read the information on how to store cabbage.


Learning to cut the apple tree


When the apple tree grows, pruning is divided into two stages. The first is the thinning of the branches, and the second is the shortening. During the first stage, entire branches are sawed off and cut off, and during the second stage, the branches that remain after thinning the crown are made shorter.


Tools required for pruning an apple tree:

  1. Stairs
  2. Pruner
  3. A small saw for cutting wood or metal.
  4. Paint can and brush.
  5. Sharp knife.


Now we are going to cut the apple tree. Go to the tree and inspect it. Think whether you are satisfied with the shape of the crown, whether the height of the tree is ok. See if there are obviously extra branches on the tree that are not fruitful, but only “drink the sap” from your tree, decide which branches you need to remove and which ones to remove. Starting a spontaneous work, without a clear work plan is not worth it, so instead of using it you can only harm the tree.


If there is a lot of work on pruning, then you should not be enthusiastic and do everything in one day. You do not need to expose the tree to such stress, because, in fact, cut branches are wounds for it. An apple tree, like a person, can not endure too many wounds inflicted on her in a short time. Ideally, distribute all work for a week, or at least a few days. So you will have time to do all pruning until the middle of spring and give the tree a chance to recover. Next, we will look at the scheme for determining the branches to be removed, and you will be able to navigate when drawing up a plan for a picture:


How to cut an apple tree, video

How to prune an apple tree


Let's start with thinning - the most important stage when pruning an apple tree.Put the ladder so that it reaches the top of the tree, cut off the upper part of the trunk. This will ensure that the tree does not grow very high and sunlight will better fall into the center of the crown. Do not regret the cut branches, this procedure is only for the benefit of the tree.


To know how to prune an apple tree, you need to learn which branches need to be removed completely:

  • dry branches or those that have begun to dry;
  • prevent other apple branches from growing and developing;
  • prevent the penetration of sunlight into the crown;
  • they grow not outside, but inside the tree.


Gardener. Pruning apple trees. Video.


Now trim the marked branches. In the list of necessary tools for trimming paint was indicated, we will decide on why we need it. We already know that when cutting branches, we inflict wounds on a tree, and just like a person, these wounds require treatment. Moisture will certainly fall into fresh sections or pests will start, then hemp will begin to rot, and unbearable suffering will torment the tree. In order for this not to happen, immediately after removing one or several branches, process the cut with paint, this is the most reliable method of processing.So the moisture does not penetrate deep into the trunk, and you will know how to properly prune an apple tree. Instead of paint, you can close the sections with plasticine, plastic bags or film, or use self-made adhesive substances.


Now we will shorten the branches that we have left. The principle is the same as when cutting off the shoots and branches of a young tree: more light and juice for promising branches. We shorten those branches that have greatly grown and do not allow others to grow, grow in the wrong direction and violate the general shape and structure of the crown. The largest cuts are also treated with paint.


Follow two main principles:

  1. The cut does not pass over the kidney, but slightly higher.
  2. The cut on the branching should be done at the very branching.


Mentally divide the crown horizontally into two parts. The upper part is brushed from the branches that are tending upwards. At the bottom, remove the branches of the branches that grow down. After such manipulations, the apple tree will expand in width, not down or up.


Thanks to our article, you will certainly know how to prune an apple tree, and when it should be done. The most important thing is that now you will know what to do with the apple tree such manipulations, and how not to cause damage to the tree, as well as what tools you will need to prepare.Regular thinning of the crown of the tree will help you get every year more and more apples, which will be tastier and better.

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