How to pierce the tongue?

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How to pierce the tongue?

When the tongue is punctured, a special shackle bar is inserted into the tongue hole. Before you dare to puncture, find out as much information as possible about how to pierce the language, and weigh your possibilities.

Tongue piercing technology

Tongue piercing is done only in the center of the tip, since along its sides there are arteries, the damage of which has serious and very unpleasant consequences.

A puncture made not in the center will heal from three to six weeks, while there is a substantial probability that the earring will not take root at all and will be rejected by the body.

For puncture can be used rigid and flexible rod. The latter causes less discomfort and is more practical to wear. The tongue is fixed with a special clip and marked on the tongue where the hole will be made. Then the master makes a puncture using a special sterile instrument.

In the puncture insert the barbell. At first, you will wear the barbell longer than later, since the tongue will swell first.

The consequences of a puncture and further care

Usually, the procedure of puncturing the tongue is not more painful than the usual bite of the tongue with teeth. However, the pain in the puncture of the tongue is very individual, someone does not feel any discomfort, and someone screams in pain. It depends on your sensitivity and on how correctly the master chose the puncture site. Before you decide on a piercing, see how to pierce the language on the video.

In the early days, the tongue swells up quite a bit, this is normal. You may have some problems during conversations and meals. A long tongue usually swells much stronger. Also, the swelling will be stronger if the piercing is located far from the tip of the tongue. To reduce pain, you can eat ice cream, soft drinks and other chilled foods.

The tongue is an organ prone to very fast tissue regeneration. Therefore, healing with proper puncture procedure is fast, from three to six weeks. After this time, the risk of bacteria entering the wound becomes minimal.

Immediately after the puncture procedure, it is prohibited to take any food for four hours, with the exception of ice cream, but after eating it, you must thoroughly rinse your mouth with water.Three times a day, you need to rinse your mouth with an antiseptic balm.

During the entire healing period, you will have to follow a diet and eat only light foods. All sorts of yogurts, cereals, not citrus fruits will do. Avoid spicy, sour and very salty, do not eat drinks with dyes and hot food.

If you do not want the wound to open, you will have to give up alcohol. To prevent infection, give up kissing. It will be possible to replace the barbell not earlier than 10 days after the puncture, otherwise repeated swelling is possible.

Puncture tongue at home

Many girls think about how to pierce their own tongue. For this procedure, you need a dropper, the diameter should be equal to the size of the rod. We also need the bar itself, sterile cotton and antiseptic. Hydrogen peroxide or alcohol may be used.

Immerse the earring in a solution with an antiseptic, wash your hands and put on medical gloves, the needle and the puncture site must also be treated with an antiseptic.

Before you pierce the tongue correctly, it is better to prepare and take into account the advice of professionals.Puncture should be done at the very tip using a dropper with a needle, select a place and mark it. The puncture should be done with a sure movement, the bar should be inserted there and only then the needle should be removed. Spin the ball and rinse your mouth with an antiseptic solution.

Experts do not recommend independently to carry out such a serious procedure, as the puncture of the tongue. It is better to contact a professional salon and entrust yourself to a specialist.

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