How to paint eyes with eyeliner

The mirror of our soul and the spotlight of our senses: the eyes require a decent frame. Give them a little more attention when applying makeup. To do this, you will need a classic trinity: mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner. And if the shadows and mascara make the eyes bright, then the extraordinary expressiveness of the look and the indisputable beauty of the eyes emphasize, it emphasizes, eyeliner. Before we figure out how to properly lead eyes with a liner, how to properly paint eyes with a liner, we will determine its views.


The most common liner is a pencil. But about him separately.


This is followed by a liquid eyeliner. It is just a colored fluid. It is applied with a thin brush, a special pointed applicator, having a sponge at the end, or it has the appearance of a felt-tip pen. Liquid eyeliner is more noticeable and remains for centuries longer. It is indispensable for false eyelashes, as it easily disguises the edge of an eyelid with disguise.


Less common is the dry liner, which is nothing more than a pressed powder-like dye pigment. It has the shape of a stick and is applied with a wet brush.The result is the same, but the dry liner is slightly more convenient to use.


And finally, oily eyeliner. It has a creamy texture, is packed in jars and applied with a pointed moistened brush, like the previous one (dry liner). The undoubted advantages of a fatty liner include faster drying than that of a liquid one, and resistance to lubrication.


It would be appropriate to note that both dry and oily liners are not ubiquitous and are demanded mainly by specialists in visage.


How to paint eyes with eyeliner



It is no secret that the best makeup is obtained on the rested eyes. Therefore, pamper your eyes with a mask for about fifteen minutes, for example, from welding, otherwise you will have to eliminate the signs of fatigue with cosmetics.


There is no strict order in the use of decorative cosmetics for the eyes. However, it makes sense to start with eyeliner. The irregularities of the contour lines in the shadows are much more difficult to correct.


Bright lighting and a mirror, preferably with an effect of magnification, are mandatory attributes of the eyeliner process. It is also good to have an emphasis for the elbow of the working arm - the line will be smoother.


You can slightly tilt your head back so that the eye is half closed. But, to stretch the skin of the upper eyelid slightly or not, you decide. Naturally, it is more convenient to lead the line over the stretched skin, but in a calm state it can become uneven, which is typical of a liquid eyeliner.


Start better from the inner corner of the eye, smoothly and smoothly leading the line to the outer corner along the roots of the cilia. In this case, the possible errors in the eyeliner are less noticeable: the discontinuity of the line and thickness irregularities. Those who fail to hold the line without tearing, you can start with short strokes on the edges connected by the central arc. It should be remembered that the inner corner of the eye prefers a barely noticeable thin contour line or lack thereof. At the outer corner, the line can significantly thicken.


The contour of the lower eyelid is not for everyone, although it makes the look more deep and mysterious. Moreover, he does not accept liquid eyeliner. This coarse look. If the lower contour is necessary, perform it a few tones lighter than the upper.


More natural eye makeup is achieved by slightly blending the upper edge of the contour. This is problematic when using liquid liner, but shadows come to the rescue. Before applying them or opening the eyes, make sure that the contour is dry.


I hope that in this article you have received comprehensive answers to the questions of how to correctly sum up your eyes with a liner, how to properly paint your eyes with a liner.

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